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Glacier Twist Link Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners Installation - 2008 Ford Van

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How to Install the Glacier Twist Link Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners on a 2008 Ford Van

Today we're going to be looking at a 2008 Ford van. We will be doing a test fit of the Glacier Twist Link tire chain with cam tighteners, part number PWH2221SC. These feature slide-lock cams for ease of adjustment. They're a twisted link design, the chains are all at a twisted angle to give you more traction. These are highway use only for up to 30 miles an hour. It is a ladder style chain so it keeps it even on both sides so you get equal traction. These are DOT approved.

You can use them in the front or the rear depending on the drive style of your vehicle. To put them on, lay it out nice and straight. You want to make sure that you always have the rounded part touching the tire so you don't have any damage because it does have a sharp edge on the other side. Then you just lay it over the tire. It'll just start to touch the ground here. I want to make it equal on both sides.

Then you would just go and move your vehicle forward until it rolls over this chain. Then you can hook it up on the other side. Once you have the chain wrapped around the tire and pulled securely you would grab the hook and . there's a five or six link piece of chain that hangs off the end, put it to the tightest position but not super tight. You'd want to make sure you have it nice and taught. Once you have the inside attached then you come around to the outside.

Try to make it plus or minus one link from what's on the inside. Just keep an eye out on that. You want to just put it through and latch it back through. That's all you need to do on that part. I would take this short piece and tuck it on the inside so it doesn't flap around and make contact with the body of your vehicle. Then you take your cam tool adjuster.

Put it in here. You just take it an twist it and that's locked. You just go all the way around the tire and now it's nice and snug around your tire. Although not required, Glacier recommends the use of a multi-arm rubber adjuster to keep the chains taught. That is available separately, part number PW105. It's very easy to install. You just clip it on. You want to try to keep it equal all the way around. Always make sure that you keep the hook side out so it does not cause any damage to your tires. That's just going to help keep chain taught on the side wall of the tire. That concludes our test fit of the Glacier Twist Link tire chain with cam tighteners, part number PWH2221SC on our 2008 Ford van.

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