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Truck Bed Cargo Camera Installation - 2018 Ram 3500

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How to Install a Truck Bed Cargo Camera on a 2018 Ram 3500

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with Today we're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to walk you through the installation on the truck bed cargo camera for your 2018 Ram 3500.This kit is going to replace your third brake light, which is mounted on the cab of the truck. This is going to be your third brake light here, and another type of rear camera is you would use your factory third brake light, but it would actually mount underneath and kind of hang down a little bit. This is all integrated in one, so you would actually take out your brake light here and you would put this one in.It's got the camera pre installed in it. The kit's going to come with all the wiring necessary to run it. It's also going to come with a toggle switch that allows you to switch your camera, if you have, again, factory monitor for reverse light on your tailgate.

Comes with a switch that ties in that you can switch that when you want to, maybe you're putting in your gooseneck or your fifth wheel. Camera is going to be able to move so you can position it how you want. If you want to aim it down or up or side to side, it's going to give you 360 degrees of movement. It's going to give you 150 degrees of view, which means you're pretty much going to see outside of each side of the truck, past the rails. And we're going to get 500 lines of resolution, so we're going to be able to see the back of the truck really well.Now inside of our vehicle, again, this hooks up directly to your factory screen, if you have a factory backup camera.

So we'll put our vehicle in reverse, that's going to be our factory camera. We'll flip our switch and it's going to switch to the cargo. This is going to allow us to see when we're backing up to our gooseneck or fifth wheel.Now as far as my professional opinion on this camera, I actually like it better than the one that mounts underneath. Again, that one that mounts underneath is going to kind of hang down. This is integrated in the light.

I think it really looks good on here. I think it works great for backing up to your gooseneck and fifth wheel trailer. You're not going to have to turn around in the seat, again, like I mentioned. It's going to make it very, very simple. The installation is very simple.

It can be done in a couple hours. You can do in the garage, vehicle on the ground. Two simple tools.To start our installation, we're going to start in the back seat of the vehicle. We've got a couple of hangars we need to remove so that when we push our wire through, we're able to run it up to the front. We're going to remove this hook, this hook, and right here we're going to take that screw out to remove this panel. I'm just going to use a pick. You can use the little small screwdriver, and right at the top there's a little hole, a little slot. Allow you to pull that cap down, take a t20 torque bit.Cap off, and then for this one here it's going to be a Phillips screw. We're going to pop this off like that. What we need to do is we need to get access behind, right there. So we'll just pull down a little bit on your headliner. So when we pass a wire through, we're able to hide it up underneath the headliner. And you can go above it all the way up to the front, or you can go down and ride it along the body panels underneath the floor.So it's really up to you. I think I might run it up here. I'm going to see how hard it's going to be to get through here. But now what we'll do is we'll go out in the back and we'll remove our factory tail light.Now in the back of the truck we're going to have two Phillips screws we need to remove our factory taillight or factory third brake light. And we're going to hold on to the screws because they're going to be reinstalling them in the new light.All we're going to do is unplug it. Push it down here. We're going to have to take our new third brake light with our camera. That's going to plug right in the line with it. We'll plug that in. We're going to take this wire, which is going to go to our video. I'm going to feed it right inside the vehicle. Tuck that in there. And their new light is going to come with a foam ring to help seal it, put it in place and then re-install our factory screws.And this is wire coming from our light. We're just going to tuck it up in here like this, right down this pillar here. Pop this back in place. I think what I'm going to do is I'm just going to run it along the floor. Once you get to here, you get this panel put back in. You can go ahead and put your hangers back in.Then for your camera wire that we pushed through, you're going to get a wiring harness, looks like this. One end is going to fit on here. The other end is going to look like this. You want to make sure you don't shove this in. There is going to be an arrow on each one. You want to make sure those arrows are facing each other when you push it together. Just like that.And then we'll take this and we're just going to tuck it in along our panel. All I'm doing is I'm tucking my wire right underneath this panel. You don't actually even have to take it out because the wires are pretty small. Right up behind my kick panel just like that. You're going to get a little wiring harness like this. It's going to have your power and ground wire on it. It's going to have two yellow ends. One of the yellow ends is going to have a black connector with it. You're just going to match them up here like that.So now what we need to do is we need to remove this center section so we can gain access behind our screen. Right up here you're going to have a little rubber pad. We're going to have two t20 torque bit or screws. We're to remove those. We're going to take our dash. We're just going to pull back on it. And you can see where I'm grabbing it right along this edge. It's going to lay back just like that, and we have four small bolts we need to take out to pull polar radio out.Take a seven millimeter socket, remove the four bolts, pop the radio out like that. What we're going to have is this large plug right here. I'm going to pull up on this black part like that, and that will pull your radio out like this.When running your wire from over here across, because we have to get it up behind our dash like we have here, and make sure you're going over the top of everything. Zip tied to some wiring or something. Get it up away from your brake pedal, away from your steering column, away from your accelerator pedal. You're going to take it, you're going to feed it up right behind the corner of the dash and then it'll come up right here. We're going to have a wiring harness that looks like this. This is going to be the jumper from our factory plug to our radio.Make sure the lever's up, slide it into place, lock it down. Take this one, plug it into the back of the radio, lock it into place. We're going to take this other part of our wiring and go back in like this so we don't pinch it when we put our radio back in, now we can re-install our radio.We're going to take the two yellow plugs, plug them together. Now we're going to have three wires left we need to hook up. You're going to have the wire, power wire going to your switch, which needs to go to an accessory so that when the key is not in the ignition, the camera doesn't get power. And then we're going to have our power wire that we need to run to the battery. Those are going to be the two powers. We're going to have our ground wire. Ground wire, what I did is added a ring terminal and since this is metal I just removed that screw, put the ring terminal in and just re-installed the screw.Now what we need to do is we need to extend these out to the engine compartment. Down on your driver's side underneath the dash, there is a rubber grommet that takes all of your wiring outside. So now we're going to extend these out to the engine compartment.Here's your rubber grommet. Make sure you don't damage any of the wiring going in. I like to go down away from it as much as possible. We're going to poke a hole through the interior and outside, like that. What I did is I used airline tube, poked it through their whole. If you have a wire hanger or something stiff, what we're going to do is on the inside we're going take our wire and we're going to tape it on the end to use this to pull our wire through.Now I'm using two different color wires so that I can keep them separated. I'm going to use the yellow wire for my switch, and then my white wire is going to be my power wire that's going gonna run to the battery. Plug that in, this on and then we'll tape it on there.Now I ran my power wire, which is the white one, it's going to the power wire from the battery. I ran it up the same place I did the rest of my wiring. So what I'm going to do is I'll cut this down, we'll strip it back, add on a buck connector here, and then all we have left is our switch. So what I did is I just bundled up my wires and zip tied them together. I'm going to tuck them back down under the dash here.Now, what I decided to do is rather than put my switch down here, right here is a flat panel. Everything else in here kind of has a box behind it, so it'd be kind of hard to get into it. This is just a flat panel, so I think I'm going to put my switch right here. So I went ahead and ran my yellow wire up the same way, connected it to my switch. Now I need to drill my hole for my switch and install the switch.Now, what I did is I put some wire loom over my yellow and white wire just to kind of clean it up, give it more of a factory look. White wire I put a ring terminal on. I'm going to connect it right there to the positive side of the battery. My yellow wire, I put a female spade connector on. What we're going to do is we need to tap into a fuse that does not have power unless the key is in the on position. We tested this 10 amp fuse right here, only gets power when the key is on. So what we're going to do is we're going to pull that out. We're going to put on this little fuse tap and then our spade connector will go right on top. We can run our wire right out the side. Go ahead and pull our fuse out. We're going to slide it over like this and it's going to sit like that. Now we'll just re-insert the fuse.I'm going to cut a little notch out right here, that way my wire doesn't get smashed. Now what we're going to do is we're going to test out our camera to make sure it's working correctly before we drill our hole for our switch. So what we're going to do is we're going to start our vehicle, make sure your switch is turned off. We're going to put it in reverse, rear camera on the tailgate, and then what we're going to do is we're going to push on and it should switch to the back of the truck. And there it, it's working.You can see how the camera's kind of tilted. The camera is actually on a swivel, so we'll straighten that out here in just a second. We just want to make sure everything's working correctly. As you can see, now we have access to the camera for the back of the truck.I'm going to take a 15/64 inch drill bit and drill right in the center here. We're going to put our plate on. The plate will only go on one way. Once we get our switch installed, we can put our dash back together.So now that we know everything's working correctly, and the reason I didn't do this before is because this butyl tape that I'm putting on is actually going to make a sealer because this foam gasket is not going to keep water from getting in behind the light. This butyl tape is what they use on campers and RVs around their vents on top of the roofs to keep water from getting underneath. So what we're going to do is we're going to put a little strip. You can kind of see how I have it here. We're going to put another strip here and then we can re-install our light.Now this is a pretty wide strip, so what we're going to do is we're going to fold it in half like this. We're going to put it right on this outside edge of this foam ring.Again, I'm Shane with I hope this video has helped you, whether you're still deciding or installing the rear cargo camera on your 2018 Ram 3500.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Stephen B.
Need a cargo camera for 2016 Ram 2500 with a 8.5 screen with backup camera I can Install what would be the cost
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

The page you commented from was for 3460015, but is no longer available. We do not have another integrated camera system. You could use a stand alone system like the GCH84FR Brake Light Camera.

Dean F.
What part number is this camera that comes with the wiring harness for a 2018 Dodge 3500?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

This part number was 3460015, but is no longer available. We do not have another integrated camera system. You could use a stand alone system like the GCH84FR Brake Light Camera.

Reply from Pj

@LesD is this still available.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

@PJ This part number was 3460015, but is no longer available.

John R.
Just installed follow the video step by step. Tested and have no power also what is the black wire for. Help
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Are you talking about the black wire that is shown at the 9:55 minute mark? If that's the case then that's your ground wire. If that isn't connected then that would explain why nothing is working.

Hi, We’ve installed the camera and it’s working but not aligned accurately. Is there a way to adjust the camera to see the ball and be squared to the bed of my truck? Thank you
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

You can adjust the camera manually so that you have the best view of your truck bed.

Brian F.
Will this work on my 2017 ram 3500
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Yes, if your 2017 Ram 3500 is equipped with the factory backup camera and the 4.3", 5", or 8.4" monitor the GCH # 3460015 is a confirmed fit and will work perfectly.