Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera Installation - 2019 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel

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How to Install the Furrion Vision S Wireless RV Backup Camera on a 2019 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel

Hi there, RV owners. Today we're going to be taking a look at Furrion's Vision S RV Observation Camera System. We're now going to pull our trailer out. We're going to use our new camera system to help us park it. We're now backing up to park our trailer, and we can see here in our rear view camera everything behind us, so we can ensure that we don't back into anything. Right below that you can see our factory camera here, and with that one all we see is our trailer behind us, so it's not doing us any good.

We can also turn on lines, so we can tell the distance that our trailer is from the objects behind us, red obviously being pretty much right up on the trailer, yellow being a moderate distance, and green, you are safe away from whatever you're coming up to.The coolest feature about this product is the fact that all the cameras are going to be wireless to send their video signal to the monitor here. That greatly simplifies the installation process since you only need power and ground, and it also results in a cleaner look because you don't have to run so many wires throughout your vehicle and through your RV or trailer.Here we can see the monitor. We've got three cameras installed on it currently. We have a left side camera, the right side camera, as well as our rear camera. Other options we have here down at the bottom is backup lines.

These grid lines will help you back straight up into a parking spot, and they also give you distance measurements so you can ensure that you don't get too close to any objects.All of the cameras can also be viewed all at the same time so you can get a full view around the back of your trailer or RV. This is extremely helpful when parking in any tight maneuvers. It's also very useful when changing lanes on the highway so you don't have to worry about blind spots on your RV or trailer.Included with your monitor and your rear camera, you'll also receive a mounting bracket that will affix to your windshield so you can easily set it up and see when you're driving down the road. The antenna on our monitor can be adjusted to not hit our windshield. And, our power supply also does come included with the kit and it's simply uses your auxiliary power outlet to get your monitor up and running.Now, this kit just includes your rear camera, your seven inch monitor, and your mounting bracket.

But you'll notice here at the bottom you can add up to four cameras to this system. We have additional side camera kits available here at etrailer.com that you can purchase and add on at a later date if you want. Or, you could go all out and purchase a complete kit that we have that includes three cameras, one for each side, the rear, as well as the monitor system. All of those are going to be wireless, so it greatly simplifies the installation. And, many of your RV and trailers today have pre-wired setups for the Furrion camera system.The mounting bracket for our camera also has an overhang here in the front to minimize sun glare on our camera lens.

The camera produces a full color image with 120 degree viewing angle, so you can really see everything across the entire back of your trailer or RV.There's also a included microphone so you can pick up audio here in the rear, which is particularly useful if you have somebody behind you help guiding you in, you can easily hear them. And the LEDs that you see here around the outside of our camera lens are infrared to help increase visibility at night. The camera housing is constructed of metal to increase its durability and it's completely waterproof. The camera can also be wired in two different configurations. You could wire it as an observation camera by simply putting power and ground to it, or you could have it triggered with your reverse circuit so that way the camera automatically comes on when you place your vehicle in reverse. You would do this by placing the trigger wire on the camera and tapping into the reverse light circuit on your camper or RV.When installing your rear camera, the first thing you want to look at is here on the backside and see if you have anything up there. Ours currently has a Furrion pre-wired for the wireless camera that we're going to install, so it's going to simplify our installation drastically because it's just going to go right where that mounting spot is right up there. If you don't have one, you're going to want to plan out where you're going to be putting your camera, and also how you're going to wire it. There is wiring included with your kit, so your camera will plug in here and you'll need to wire up power and ground to your camera if you do not have one of the prep packages on your trailer.This is the pre installation bracket that's already installed. There's a cover plate on it with four screws that we're going to need to take out. We'll use our phillips screwdriver to do so. They are very tiny screws. If you can, try not to lose them. You don't necessarily need them. We're going to be using the ones that come with our camera, but since they are so small, if you do accidentally drop one, it's nice to have spares. You can then pop the cover off of there, and behind it you'll see our wiring that our camera's going to plug into.This is our new camera now. So, since we have a prep package, we're going to be taking the camera out of this entire housing. If you didn't have a prep package, then you we're going to be mounting this whole housing and you need to provide your own hardware in the four holes. But since we have the prep package, we're going to remove the four screws, and these actually are very similar to the screws we just removed from the mounting bracket that's already installed. So, the camera will simply just pop out of here, and it'll slide right into that one. You'll kind of see here that when we take the camera out, the shell that we're taking it out of here is identical to the one that's on the back of our trailer.You can just pop the camera out. It's easy if you just push from the back side and pop it out, and there's our wiring that'll plug directly in. So, we're just going to pull the wiring down from out of here. Depending on how much room you have in there, you may need to unbundle this and push some of the wiring into your trailer if there's not enough for all of the excess to fit. This simply just plugs in our camera right into it. Make sure it snaps into place, and then we can work that in until it sits flush and snaps in. And then we'll just install the screws that we removed previously.We can then just take the antenna and thread it right onto our camera. Once you've got it threaded on, you can angle it as you desire. Now we want to plug in the monitor to the auxiliary port in our vehicle to power it up and see if everything's working. We can see our rear camera here is working, and that's pretty normal. Typically when you buy the kit, the camera is going to be pre-paired to your monitor so you don't have to pair it. But one thing that I did notice is that it's paired as the door camera, and not the rear, where we have it installed. So, we're going to go ahead and go through the pairing process so we can make this the rear camera.We'll hit the menu button located here on the side. We'll then select pairing, and we're going to choose rear camera. We're now going to go to the camera and press the pair button located on it. The pair button is going to be located here on the bottom, so we're just going to press that button, and then we'll head back to our monitor.We're now here back at our monitor, and I clicked on door and we have no signal. Perfect. Let's go to rear, and now we're showing the rear like we're supposed to. So, it looks like everything's working properly.And that completes our look at Furrion's Vision S RV Observation Camera System.

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