Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway

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How to Install the Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway

Speaker 1: Today on this 2017 Ford E450 Cutaway Chassis, we'll be having a look at and showing you how to install the Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number 65053.This front mount hitch is a great way to add a spare tire carrier to the front of your motor home, or if you wanna use a bike rack on the front of it as you're towing a car behind your motor home, this is a great solution for you.Many of our customers have expressed issues when installing this hitch as far as difficulty with dealing with the hardware, getting the bumper in position, and trimming around the bumper, as well as relocating the license plate if they have one. We'll get to that later, and show you how simple that really is.On the end of our receiver you'll find this nice, welded-on collar which helps improve the strength of the receiver opening, and also gives us a nice finished look.This hitch features a 500-pound max cargo carrying capacity, so if we're using a motorcycle carrier or a cargo carrier or bike rack that's how much weight will be forcing down on it. It also features a 9,000-pound max line pull capacity, so if you're using it for a winch-plate carrier it can withstand a winch that can pull 9,000 pounds. So just keep that in mind for whatever you plan on using with your front-mounted hitch.Now for a few measurements to better assist you in choosing any hitch-mounted accessory you may need. You're looking at about 16 inches from the ground to the top of the two-inch receiver opening, and about two inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the forward-most part of the front bumper. Now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get it installed.To begin our install we'll be at the front of our motor home, and we need to remove one panel.

We'll have four 8-millimeter fasteners just like this one to remove.With those fasteners removed, we'll grab the panel, pull it down and back away from the front bumper, and we can set it aside.In each one of our frame rails we'll have this forward hole right next to where our bumper beam bolts to. We need to enlarge this to a half-inch. You can either use a drill bit or you can use a step bit, which is what I'm going to use.Now, on each side of our frame rail we'll have a 21-millimeter nut just like this. It's the same on both sides of the vehicle, so keep in mind everything we do on one side we'll repeat on the other. We need to loosen these nuts.

We don't need to remove them, we just need to loosen them far enough that we can slip our hardware in between the bumper and the frame and yet still keep the bumper in place. So just keep it on a few turns.Now we'll take our pull wire and go through this large, oval hole here, this is our rear attachment point for our hitch, and work the pull wire out the front of the frame, and it'll come down behind our bumper. Now we'll take one of our square spacers, stick it over the pull wire, and we'll thread a carriage bolt onto the pull wire. And we'll feed this into the frame, and then pull the bolt through the hole if we remove our pull wire.We'll now take our pull wire, go through the small hole in the front that we enlarged earlier, and repeat the same process of attaching our hardware.And with our hardware now in place in the frame rails on both sides of the vehicle, we can refasten the nuts that hold our bumper beam in place. Now, because our bumper beam can be moved up and down, we'll line up the nuts with the marks where they originally we're on the frame, so our bumper's at the correct height.In our particular case this motor home is equipped with a front license plate, so we need to remove the factory bracket for the time being.

We'll push up on these tabs on the bottom, and use a flathead screwdriver to release the tabs on the top. It'll pull off the vehicle and we can set it aside.We went ahead and marked out on our fascia here an area right in the center where we need to trim out, right until this line right here where the two sections meet. This is all according to the instructions. I'm gonna use a rotary tool to do this, you can also use a sharp utility knife or a pair of ten-steps, but a rotary tool I've found works the best.We found that we actually need to trim out this entire section right here, so we'll just go ahead and do that.Now, with an extra set of hands, we'll take our hitch and we'll raise it into position. With our hitch in position, we'll now take a conical tooth washer, the teeth will face out towards the hitch, and we'll thread on a nut.

Now we'll tighten down our hardware. Now we'll torque all of the hardware to the amount specified in the instructions.On our underbody splash shield we've marked out on each side areas that we need to cut out, according to the instructions. I'll use a rotary tool again. And here's what it looks like once we have it trimmed. Now we can take our trimmed underbody panel and reinstall it.When it comes to our front license plate, we won't be able to reinstall the bracket in the original location because that's where the hitch is. If we cut off one of these tabs on the top, we'll be able to reinstall it. If we cut off this one right here, closer to the driver side of the vehicle, we'll be mounting it on the driver side. If we cut off this one we can mount it on the passenger side.I'm gonna cut off this tab here flush right there, and we should be able to mount it okay on the driver side. This tab here that we left will go onto the driver side location into its original hole, and the bottom will just clip onto the bumper.And that completes our look at and showing you how to install the Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number 65053, on this 2017 Ford E450 Cutaway Chassis.

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