Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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How to Install the Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Today in our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the CURT Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number C31071.Here's what our front hitch looks like once we have it installed. The cross tube is gonna hidden by the air dam below here and our receiver tube is gonna be sticking out right below our license plate. Our hitch is gonna offer us a two inch by two inch receiving tube opening so it's gonna have a lot of different options and accessories that we can mount up. And the way we're gonna mount any of those accessories is gonna be through the hitch pin hole here on the side. And it is gonna accept a standard five-eighths pin and clip. Now these aren't included in the kit, but you can pick them up here along with some locking devices to keep your accessories safe.So whether you're using your front hitch for a snowplow or a wench or any other accessory, it's gonna have plenty of weight capacity.

It's gonna have a 500 pound ton weight, which is the maximum downward force of the receiver tube, along with a 5000 pound towing weight. It's also gonna have a 9000 pound straight line pull rating. And one of the nice things about our CURT hitch is the fact that is gonna install without having to cut or drill anything at all. We're not even gonna have to cut the plastic underneath our truck.I'd like to give you a few measurements and that's gonna help you whenever you're looking for accessories for your new hitch. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the edge of the bumper it's gonna be right about eight inches.

That measurement's gonna come in handy if you're looking at any kind of folding accessory, also to make sure that the shank is long enough and that it's not gonna come in contact with the front bumper. And from the ground, the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening it's gonna be right about 11 inches. So now that we've seen what our hitch looks like and gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed.To begin our installation we're gonna come to the front our Silverado and we're gonna have our tow hooks on the front. So directly underneath we'll have our frame rail right here, there's gonna be a bolt that's going up into the frame. So you're gonna wanna grab an 18 millimeter socket or wrench and pull that out.

Now it is kind of a limited space in here so it might be easy to get it started, to break loose, and then remove it the rest of the way by hand. Once you have the bolt pulled out, you're gonna wanna hold on to it because we're gonna be reusing this bolt. So we'll remove the other side as well.Now if we move the side of the frame, just forward from our sway bar, we're gonna have a round hole. And then back a little bit we're gonna have a large square hole in the frame. We're gonna wanna grab our pull wire, we'll take the coiled end, we'll feed it into the small round hole, and we're gonna go back towards that square hole.

And you're gonna wanna feed it through to where we can grab the coiled end and pull it out. Once we have the coiled end pulled out you're gonna wanna make sure that both ends are still coming out of the holes. We'll take a square hole spacer block, slide it over. And we're gonna take one of our carriage bolts, I'll thread it on to the end of our wire.Then one piece at a time we're gonna feed it back into the frame. And we'll pull on our pull wire until we can get our bolt to come out and make sure it engages that block. And that's gonna be the second attachment point for our hitch. So for now we're gonna leave the pull wire attached and just barely push the bolt in the frame so we can get the hitch into position. And we'll do the same thing on the other side.Now with an extra set of hands we're gonna lift our hitch up. We're gonna make sure to feed our pull wire through from the inside going out. Lift the hitch up. And we'll pull the bolt so it's coming out of the frame and it can rest on that bolt there. So we're gonna remove our pull wire and the hitch'll kinda trap the bolt so it won't move around. And we can take a flange nut, we're just gonna get his loosely started by hand so the hitch will support itself. You wanna get at least one on each side. We won't have to worry about the hitch falling down. Now we're gonna rotate our hitch so that bottom flange is on the bottom of the frame. We'll take our factory bolt, get it started by hand and it get at least a couple threads in there.Now for the nuts on the side here I'm gonna be using a 19 millimeter socket to tighten it up. Now we're gonna tighten up the bolt on the bottom of the frame as well. Now I'm gonna come back with a torque wrench and I'm gonna torque all my hardware into the specified amount in the instructions. So you wanna make sure you go back and repeat that for each piece.That'll finish up your look at the CURT Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number C31071 on our 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

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