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Flint Hill Goods In-Channel Front and Rear Rain Guards Installation - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the Flint Hill Goods In-Channel Front and Rear Rain Guards on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Hello neighbors. It's Brad here at Etrailer, and today we're taking a look and installing the Flint Hill Goods In-Channel Rain Guards on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD. Now this kit is gonna come with the front and rear rain guards, and you're gonna have those for both sides. Installation is relatively simple, and you're gonna gain a lot of use out of this, especially when it's raining but also it has a nice shaded color here which is gonna help block out sun. It's kind of in that area where your actual sun guard doesn't block, so those ones that are kind of hitting you up the side, this is gonna help block some of that out. Now, these are great for when you want just a little a bit of wind coming through, just to get some fresh air, but rolling down the window might be a little bit much.

In a lot of vehicles from the factory, when you crack the window, they actually create a little bit of turbulence and wind noise, so this actually eliminates that, as the air kind of channels in, you still get that fresh air, but it's gonna be nice and quiet and protect the rain from coming in. So with my window like this, you can see that I'm still able to get a little bit of fresh air here but all that water or wind is actually going to pass through to where I'm not gonna have that coming into the vehicle. So I'm only getting fresh air and not that turbulence or that water coming into my vehicle while driving. And with this kit, the rear passengers can enjoy the same benefits of having the rain guard. Great part is, installation is gonna be extremely easy, and it's really just peel and stick, but let's show you how to get these installed.

To begin our installation, we're gonna wanna make sure that we roll the windows all the way down. Now we're gonna grab our deflector here which is gonna be dry fitted in, just to make sure that it's gonna fit properly. And you're really gonna wanna make sure that you stay in this actual channel here, so I'd start here at the bottom, knowing that you're gonna be in that spot, just kind work your way up. Now, these are gonna be a pretty tight fit, so you may need to actually bend this here in order to kind of get this channel to slide in but with a little pressure here, we can work it up, and just make sure you're not pulling that stripping down, following that edge and it should fit up there pretty nicely. So now that we know that it's fitting properly in our seal we're gonna go ahead, and there's included alcohol wipes, we're gonna just follow this inside track area just to make sure that that is going to be nice and clean allowing this to adhere to it.

So let's pull this back out. Now with my alcohol swab here, I'm just gonna kind of run it along this edge, just making sure that we're kind of getting any dust or any dirt that might have built up in here. That's gonna give it a nice surface to actually adhere to. I'll give this a little bit of time, just so it can actually evaporate and become a dry surface before trying to put in your visor. Now, the way that we're gonna make sure that this adheres properly, we're gonna just peel off this tiny little corner here of this 3M adhesive and just kind of have that ready.

And what I'm gonna do is make sure that my bottom channel is in properly and then kind of wedge this in place. Gonna follow it along. Once it's kind of all in place, I'm gonna actually give it upward pressure here just so it's really tucked up in there. Make sure that all of your windows seals are sitting flat, they're not curled over. So at this point you can actually grab this little tail here and we're just gonna work our way down and that's gonna allow it to stick. So now we're gonna roll our window up and down five times. Now you are adding something into the channel where the window is normally used to going, so don't over force it. You want pressure, but also if a it's straining that motor, hold off and really make sure that you're taking your time here. So you don't wanna damage your motor. So let's roll this up. And on our final one we can actually leave it in the up position. So now we have our window rolled up. We're gonna leave it like this for 72 hours and that's gonna allow this to actually find its home and kind of form to the window but also give it time for that adhesion to actually cure up. So if you need to put a little sticky note on your window to remind yourself not to roll it up or on your window controls, that's probably a good step, and that way you'll have a proper secured guard on your truck. Now I've gone ahead and I've actually test fitted our rear window already. So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna clean our seals again. And now this is side specific and you're gonna see that when you do your test fit as one is actually a little more squared off than the other. So make sure that you have the proper one. So just as we did before I've kind of made a little bit of peeling here on our tape. In fact, I might even need to pull this out a little bit more so I can get this placed in there. So we'll just slide this up. Make sure that you have your tape able to be pulled. Get this in, place that up. We can go ahead, peel our strip here. So now out we're gonna do the same process as we did with our front window, rolling it up and down five times. So now that we have this rolled up and down we can leave this window up for that 72 hours again and we're ready to knock out the other side of the truck. And that was a look and installation of the Flint Hill Goods In-Channel Rain Guards on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500HD..

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