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Fifth Wheel Installation - 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty

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How to Install a Fifth Wheel on a 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty

Today, on this 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty, we're going to install part number RP50082-58. Our next step: We'll go ahead and mark out our bed for our first bed rail. We're going to measure from the edge of the bed to wherever the outside edge of our bed rail will sit. In this case, it's going to be 32 1/4 inches, but always go by your instructions. All right, now we'll go ahead and set a rail up to our initial marks and then we'll make sure that it's even from left to right. At this point, we'll go ahead and mark and drill our holes. We're going to use a 1/2-inch drill bit to make our mark in the bed first, and then we'll go ahead and drill out with a 1/8-inch drill bit. All right, next, we'll go ahead and look for our holes that we drilled through the bed, located right here and here, then we'll take a frame bracket and hold it up against the frame and our drilled holes and makes sure everything lines up correctly.

This will also give you a good idea how the bracket fits up against the frame. OK, we're done with our driver's side. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process over on the passenger's side. At this point, we'll go ahead and move our bed rail out of the way and we'll go ahead and drill out to our final hole size, which will be 9/16. OK, at this point, we can go ahead and start installing the side brackets into the frame. Now, we'll use this hardware to help hold it up against the frame: We'll use a 5/8 carriage bolt and it'll go through the frame bracket.

Between the frame bracket and the frame will be the spacer block, then the frame will go here, and on the other side of the frame, we'll get that thinner and longer block, a lock washer, and a nut. Next, we'll go ahead and show our U-bolt installation. This will go around the frame and back through the hitch. This will get a conical teeth washer and a nut. Now, when you install a conical tooth washer, you want to make sure that these teeth are always going towards the hitch. This is a shot of a block between the frame and the hitch. When installing a U-bolt, you want to make sure that we don't crush any wiring or break lines.

In some applications, this will be really close. On this one, we have lots of room to work with. Now, when we install our fasteners, we want to make them finger-tight or just enough to take up the space between the pieces. All right, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process for the other side. Now, when we install the U-bolt in this side, it's really close to the shock on the axle, so it's a good idea to leave the bracket as loose as possible to install it.

When it's flat to the frame, it's really hard to get the U-bolt through. OK, our next step is to go ahead and place our bed rail back over the holes and install the hardware. Now, one thing that has to be installed is this block here. Now, typically this block would fit between the bed rail and the bed, but since the bolt hole goes right through the angle of it, this can't sit as close to it as it should because we want to take up all the gaps, so we have metal-to-metal contact. In this case, we're actually going to take this block and install it between the hat 03:56 channel and the corrugation on top. It's going to be a tight fit, so we just go ahead and just pry it down a little bit to give us some working room, the hat channel, then slip the block into place. Now, if the bed's been pushed down or something like that or crushed, it's going to be a lot harder and you'll have to spread the metal out just a little bit more. Usually, you can get it started, once you get halfway through, you can use an alignment tool to help pull it in position. There you go. Once we tap into place, we'll use our alignment tool to help move it around and center it. All right, we'll have to install a block on both sides of the hat channel. There you go. Now we can go ahead and put our bed rail back into place, take our carriage bolts and run from the top down. Now I'll loosely install the rest of our fasteners. This block with the round hole that's offset, a 1/2-inch lock washer, and a 1/2-inch nut. All right, at this point, we'll go ahead and use our 5th wheel hitch to help position our second rail. We'll put the 5th wheel into place, then put our rail underneath of it, we'll make sure they're square with each other, then we'll mark and drill our holes like we did last time. All right, now, before we drill out our final hole size, it's always a good idea to, once again, double-check our pilot holes first. Just like our first rail, we'll go ahead and install our spacers between our frame bracket and our bed. Now, as we install these, some trucks will be a little bit easier to work with than others, so let's tap in our spacers as needed. OK, spacers are in place. Let's go ahead and put our rail back down and install our hardware. If all our hardware is loosely installed, we can go ahead and start tightening down the bolts. First off, we'll go ahead and tighten down our bolts that go from the bed rail to the frame brackets. We'll snug those down and then we'll test the hitch and make sure we can take it in and out. Once we're satisfied with that, we'll go ahead and tighten them down for good and torque the bolts down as specified in the instructions. Now we can go ahead and move on to tightening down our frame brackets to our frame. We'll do our U-bolt first, then we'll try to torque down the bolts on each side of the U-bolt as evenly as possible. Then we'll go ahead and torque down our bolt that goes through the frame. OK, now, at this point, most of our hardware is installed. We have 2 more bolts to install, which I like to leave these for last. All right, with all our bolts tightened down, the last thing we need to do is go ahead and reinstall a spare tire and our tires and wheels for the axle 08:21. OK, and with that, that will finish it for our install of part number RP50082-58. From Reese 08:29, on our 2008 Ford F-450 Super Duty. .

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