Extang Trifecta Soft Folding Tonneau Cover Installation - 2008 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Extang Trifecta Soft Folding Tonneau Cover on a 2008 Ford F-250

Today on our 2008 Ford F250, we're going to take a look at and also show you how to install the Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Tonneau Cover. This is a folding style cover with the vinyl finish, part number is EX92725. Now here's what our tonneau cover is going to look like installed on the truck. As you can see, it gives us a really nice sleek look. Only going to be about an inch and a quarter over the top of our bed rails here. Now, I think the importance of tonneau covers, the reason most people are going to look at tonneau covers, is for that cargo security. We'll be able to put things in the back of the truck here and lock our tailgate.

We'll keep those items relatively secure, at least keep honest people honest. We don't have to worry about things disappearing. A few additional benefits will be the improved aerodynamics that we're going to have. That's going to help to slightly increase our fuel economy. One of our customer reviews even mentions that since we don't have that air buffeting in the bed, it can make the ride in the truck a little bit quieter. It's going to have a slight dome there just to help any of the water and things like that run off.

The vinyl covering is a nice sturdy material. It's going to resist the UV rays, not going to have to worry about cracking, breaking and things like that. Based on the customer reviews that I've read, they really talk highly about it and how well it holds up to the elements. Now the cover is going to sit about an inch and a quarter over the top of our bed rails, but there are no rails or anything mounted that take up space inside of the bed. Now our cover is designed with a quick release handle. Just going to pull down and out on our fiberglass reinforced nylon latches, you see those are going to come down nice and easy, spring loaded design.

Gives us the perfect pressure pulling down on our cover so we get a good seal. Once we release those on both sides, we'll be able to fold that up. Now as we fold this up, we can take a look at the seals underneath. You'll see on the side, we're going to have a really nice thick square shaped gasket. It's going to give us consistent pressure all the way down. At each of our joints and at the corner, we're going to have custom foam gaskets around there.

Here at the tailgate, you'll see there's actually going to be four different layers there. It's really going to help keep out the water and keep out the dust. Again, looking at customer reviews, they really rave about how much protection is offered with this tonneau. Also to help our cover last a long time, the frame around the outside and our bows are made completely from rust free aluminum. We got stainless steel hardware, so we shouldn't have to worry about any corrosion at all. Now our handles, before we fold it up, we're going to tuck those right into their stored position. That's going to keep them up and out of the way. Once we have that folded up into the first third, we can just slide our clips together here. Then you can just pull that, cinch that down, that's going to hold it nice and securely while we go down the road still having access to two thirds of our bed. Now if we want to access the forward third of our bed, we'll simply remove our clamp here just by loosening that, bringing it around the underside. Take the cover off, set it aside until we need it again, throw it right back on. Five minutes on, five minutes off. It's really straightforward. If you want to retain the exact positioning, you can use a paint marker. Just mark each side of that clamp, do that on both sides. When you put it back on, you should be very close to square. Now this is what our cover's going to look like when we pull it out of our package. There's no assembly required on it at all. You just have to place it on the truck and tighten down our clamps. Now this is a nice lightweight cover that's designed to make removal from the truck very easy. You can see it's not going to take up a lot of room. It's not very wide, so this is something that we can easily set aside somewhere in the garage and store. To install the cover, we'll want to move our two clamps. Going to be here in the bottom. Just in a little bit so as we place this down on the bed, those aren't going to interfere. We'll take the rounded portion that's going to be facing down. You can see the gaskets all the way around here, help to create a nice weatherproof seal. Going to bring this on up, and just place it right up here on the front of the bulkhead of the truck. We want to get this centered side to side. For reference, you can use the ribs right here on top of the bed. We can undo our two snaps here, and we're just going to allow this to unfold right on here to the back. Now we just want to take a quick look. We want to be sure that our cover is squared up with the pickup truck bed. Once we've got it there, we'll want to hold it in position and fold it back up so we can get to those forward clamps. Now in each slide, we're going to bring our clamp over. See that's going to come right around the bottom and engage the bottom of the truck bed. It's going to fit right in that slot. Now we can take our T-handle nut, just get that tightened down. We're just compressing that seal. Just going to get it snug down to the truck bed there, and there's no need to over tighten. It's going to hold its position very well. Once we have that done on both sides, we'll extend it back out and latch the rear. You'll see here on the bulkhead, there's a gasket. This is meant to sit all the way across, comes down on top of the truck bed and it's going to help keep out any moisture or any dust and things like that. Now once you have your clamps tightened down on both sides, you want to look right here in the corner and see if there's any light coming in from outside. If you can see that light, there's going to be water creeping in the cover. If that's the case, what you'll want to do is just slide your cover forward ever so slightly, just so that gasket makes good contact all the way across. Now we can just unfold it to the rear. Now we can pull our rear clamp right out of the track there. That's to help keep it up and out of the way when we fold our cover, so this doesn't cause any damage to our top. That just comes over, down, under the rail and that's all there is to it. That's going to complete our look at the Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Tonneau Cover, part number EX92725, on our 2008 Ford F250.

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