Extang Trifecta Signature Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2017 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Extang Trifecta Signature Soft Tonneau Cover on a 2017 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today on our 2017 Ford F-150, we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Extang Trifecta Signature 2.0 Soft Tonneau Cover, Part #EX94480.Here's what our tonneau cover looks like once we have it installed. Not only is it gonna protect our bed and the cargo inside from the elements, but it's also gonna give us a nice, stylish design. Now, our Trifecta 2.0 is gonna give us this soft cover look, but also combine it with the design of a folding cover, which you can see is gonna give us partial bed access in a matter of seconds. Then we can fold it up again and we'll have two thirds of our bed completely open and we can secure our tonneau cover at the top here with the included straps and clips so we can drive down the road securely.Now, one thing that you're really gonna appreciate about this tonneau cover is that it's all self-contained. We're not gonna have any rails to install on our truck bed and no hardware to lose or get in the way. Everything is gonna be already attached and contained on our cover itself.

The weather seals are gonna be along the edge of our tonneau cover and they're all gonna be snapped in place, so we're not gonna have to worry about anything coming off, having to sew anything, or even bolt them in place, but it's gonna keep all the water out of our bed and keep our cargo nice and dryThe aircraft-grade aluminum bows and frame are gonna have a nice black powder coat finish on them, which is gonna aid in the rust and corrosion resistance on them. Now, the premium canvas material is permanently attached to the frame and it has a nice vinyl backing for extra durability.The canvas is not gonna shrink or expand as much as vinyl and the matte black color is gonna give it that nice sleek look.Our cover's gonna sit about an inch to an inch and a half above our bed rails, and I do want to mention it's not gonna work with stake-pocket accessories because it is gonna cover those up.When combined with a locking tailgate, we can rest assured that our cargo's gonna be nice and secure.To begin your installation, you're gonna wanna make sure that your bed rails and the side caps, if you have them, are nice and clean, and anywhere that the tonneau cover is gonna make contact, we want to make sure is nice and clean.Then we can go ahead and open up our tailgate and get ready to put our tonneau cover in place.So, to make things a little easier on myself, I'm gonna have an extra set of hands help me place my tonneau cover on the bed of our truck. You just want to try to get it as even, side to side, as possible, and then also get it nice and straight on the bulkhead of the bed here.Right now, I'm just kind of fine-tuning where it's gonna sit up here at the bulkhead. I'm kind of going off of some reference points. I'm trying to make the tonneau cover even with the end of the bed cap here so I have a nice reference point to go off of on the other side.

Now, the importance of getting it nice and aligned is so that when we start unfolding it, towards the end, it's gonna be nice and straight.At the bulkhead, we're gonna have some clips. We're gonna go ahead and undo those straps on both sides, so you're gonna wanna unfold your tonneau cover going towards the tailgate and try your best not to shift it around because we have it in the position that we want. We can double check to make sure that it's lining up nicely with our bed and it's gonna sit right where we want it. Now, we can fine-tune any of the adjustments that we may need by just scooting it to the left or right, back and forth.With our tonneau cover in the position we want, we're gonna carefully fold it back up towards the bulkhead, again, trying not to move anything and shift it around, that way we can tighten down the clamps.If we move underneath our tonneau cover towards the bulkhead of our bed, we're gonna see two silver knobs and clamps that are tucked in the channel. Now you're gonna want to take those clamps and you're gonna rotate them down, and once you have them rotated down, you can go ahead and loosen them up just a little bit, and then you're gonna wanna slide the clamps towards the bed of the truck so that this clamp here is gonna move underneath the flange there.To slide it back and forth, you are gonna need to kind of lift up a little bit, which will make it slide on that track a lot easier.

Once you have it lined up with the bed of the truck, you can go ahead and rotate them down, and then we're gonna snug those up until that clamp makes contact with the bed flange. You don't need to over-tighten these 'cause you don't want to deform the bed flange here, but you just want to get them nice and snug so they're not gonna move around, and we can go ahead and do that for the other one as well. We're gonna slide it over to the other side and repeat that.With both of our front clamps tightened down, we can unfold our tonneau cover going all the way to the back. We're gonna have another track towards the back and another clamp on each side. We're gonna do the same thing.

We're just gonna rotate it down and we're gonna go towards the edge of our truck, and you'll notice that it's got a small hook on the end of it, and it is spring-loaded, so we're gonna pull down, get it lined up, and then we're just gonna hook on to the bottom of the lip of the flange right here, and we'll do that for the other side as well.With all of our clamps in place, we can close up our tailgate and we're ready to hit the road. That'll finish up your look at the Extang Trifecta Signature 2.0 Soft Tonneau Cover, Part #EX94480 on our 2017 Ford F-150.

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