Extang Solid Fold Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Extang Solid Fold Hard Tonneau Cover on a 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today, on this 2014 Dodge Ram pickup, we're going to install part number Ex56426. This is an Extang solid fold hard tonneau cover. First thing we need to do is get the truck ready to install it. Our truck has a factory tie-down system in the bed, so we have to remove it to install a seal between the tie down system and the truck bed. There's a series of screws on the inside we have to remove. It also has some plastic fasteners inside, too. Next what we have to do is take the sealant and put it between this rail and the bed of the truck. Before we do that, we'll go ahead and we'll clean off the rail and we'll also have to remove the plastic rivets on the inside.

We're just going to use something flat to push down on it from the outside. These are a really tight fit. You can press down on them but maybe to get them started, just tap them from the backside with a rubber mallet. Our tape is going to cover up our holes, so I'm just going to put a small mark on the bottom to help me locate them, so we can cut out the holes. Then let's take our tape and just go over the top. Now we'll take our knife and we'll just cut out our circle here.

You want a really sharp blade to do this part. I'm going to use a screwdriver to wallow out the hole a little bit. Then we'll go ahead and reinstall our rivets. You want to have an extra set of hands to hold this down while we use a simple extension to push it into place. We'll go ahead and take our backing off this side and put our rail back into place. With our plastic rivets holding it in place, we'll go ahead and loosely reinstall our fasteners.

Once our hardware is started, we'll go ahead and tighten them down for good. Our driver's side done. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process on our passenger side. Now we'll take one of our tie down mounts that we previously uninstalled and we're just going to push it up towards the front. Do that on both sides. Take our step rail, with the drain end going in first. This will fit in the top channel right here.

We'll take it and just slide it into place. Before we shove it all the way in, to give it some working room, we'll take the hose that comes with the kit and push it onto the barb fitting. Now we're going to drill out our cover for our hole here with a 5/8" drill bit or we can just pop it loose. Then we'll just go ahead and take our line and route it inside. Now we'll take our rail and push it as far as we can forward. Okay, we're done with our driver's side. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process on our passenger side. Now our seal goes right up against the edge of the lid here, but you can still use it. With one of our tie downs already in the rail, we'll go ahead and take one of these blocks and we'll go ahead and put it in the track. We'll take our block and slide it up about 3/4's of the way up. Then we'll install another tie down about halfway and then another block. We're done with our driver side and we'll go ahead and repeat the same process on our passenger side. Now we'll go ahead and attach our tonneau side clamps. This will fit in front of the block. You'll use this screw and a flat washer. This is an allen head screw and it also comes with the correct tool. Now we're going to leave this loose because we've got to allow our tonneau cover show us where our final position is for our clamps. Now we'll do two on each side. At this point, we can go ahead and take our tonneau cover and lay it into place. We'll take the end of the tonneau cover with the straps and point that towards the cab. It looks like this edge right here will seal up against this edge of a rail. We'll go ahead and snap the buckles and we'll unfold the tonneau cover. We'll carefully unfold it and we'll go ahead and square it up the way we want it, even it up on both sides and then we'll carefully fold it back up and then work on our clamps. Now our clamps for our tonneau cover are folded up in the track. You've just got to manipulate them a little bit to get them to come down. You'll slide them over and then take our mount for the rail and match it up to it. Now we know where it goes, we'll go ahead and take this and move it back out of our way. We'll hold this up in position and it matches the track. Then we'll go ahead and tighten down the screws. Now we'll slide our clamp back over, make sure this hook in matches up with this edge and when you line it up, it'll sit at an angle and the handle will stay away from the bed. We'll go ahead and tighten up our handle and snug everything up. Just tighten it up just to hold it in place. We're done with our driver's side and we'll go ahead and repeat the same process on the passenger side. Now we'll go ahead and fold the tonneau cover until we get to our second set of clamps. Here's our second set of clamps right here. These are just spring loaded. We'll go ahead and, once again, line it up and tighten it down. With our tonneau cover installed, we'll go ahead and test it with the tailgate. From here on out, we can go ahead and make adjustments to our tonneau cover, make sure it's square with the truck. Okay, with our tonneau cover fully installed, we'll go ahead and double check the fit. We can open up the Ram box on the side, so we're good to go. With its typical use, it would be unfolded. To fold it back up, we simply undo the latch on both sides and we can go ahead and fold them back up into place as well. Then, if we need to put something in the back of the bed, we just fold it up and reinstall our straps. Now, if you ever needed full access to your truck, all you have to do is undo this clamp, one on each side, and you can easily remove it to have full access to your truck. In this case, when you're done with it and you want your tonneau cover back on, simply line up the clamps one more time and tighten it down and you're finished. One of the last things we need to do to finish up is reinstall our caps. Okay, with that, that'll finish our install for part number Ex56426 from Extang, the solid fold hard tonneau cover on our 2014 Dodge Ram pickup with the Ram box. .

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