Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2012 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover on a 2012 GMC Sierra

Today in our 2012 GMC Sierra well be installing the Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover part number EX50650. To begin with, you want to go ahead and use some solvent water to wash down the top of the bed rails. Now that weve got all the dirt and debris removed from the top of your bed rails well make sure that its dry first. Then we are going to need to go ahead and remove the paper backing from the form thats underneath each of the driver and the passengers side. There is two pieces of form on each side that well need to pull the backing off of this. In this case its the white backing. Now, youll also notice that each of the side rails are marked driver and passengers side and we need to make sure that we put them on the proper side. Next, well need to go ahead and center the bed rail which means the front of the bed and the rear of the bed.

Well be using U clamps as well as bolts to thread into the U clamps to tighten them down to the side of the bed. Youll notice that there are holes drilled on the top of each side rail, this is how we will be connecting the side rail to the side of the bed. Now that we have our side rails marked and we know exactly where well be positioning them because we want to make sure that they are equal on both sides well go ahead and take our U clamps as well as three bolts for each side. Well tighten then down using the supplied Allen key that comes with the kit. Now that we have all the U clamps as well as the bolts tightened down securely in each of the side rails, now we are ready to put the tonneau cover on beginning up here at the cab. Well go ahead and take the cab rail thats already attached to the tonneau cover and well put it into the pivot block on each of the side rails. While doing that well then rotate the rail down so that it locks it into position.

You want to make sure that you fill it and here it lock into position over here on the passengers side. Now that we have tonneau cover locked into each of the side rails now well go ahead and slide the two slide blocks so that they engage the flange on each of the side rails. Once we have this done well go ahead and tighten down the knob underneath securing the tonneau cover to the side rails. Next we are ready to go ahead and unroll our tonneau cover towards the rear of the vehicle. As you will notice here the tonneau bows are actually attached to the tonneau covers themselves. So as you unroll it they will drop into proper place on the side rails. Once we get all the way to the back here into the tailgate well need to take the tail rail and insert it into the tailgate block and then rotate downward so that it locks into the self-locking spring.

As you can see here, the spring does move as the tonneau cover is self-tensioning. To release the tonneau cover you simply push down on the spring lava and it will allow the tonneau cover to be released. Once we have our tonneau cover locked into position well go ahead on each side and pull the tonneau cover tight and work the cover in to the hooking loop. There is one side of the hooking loop sown into the top of the tonneau cover and the other side is actually in the side rails. As you pull the tonneau tight take your hand and gently push down sealing the two pieces together. Now when you need to use your bed again simply put the tailgate down under the spring lava and simply roll the tonneau cover up.

Once the tonneau cover is rolled up there is two straps for the simple clips style buckle on each side, it will secure the tonneau cover. And with that, that will conclude our installation of the Extang Express Soft Tonneau Cover part number EX50650 on our 2012 GMC Sierra. .

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