Extang Encore Tonneau Cover Installation - 2013 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Extang Encore Tonneau Cover on a 2013 Ford F-250

Today on our 2013 Ford F250, we'll be installing the Extang Encore hard tonneau cover that's a tri-fold, part number EX62725. We'll begin by taking our driver side side rail, placing it up onto the railing of our truck. On the underside here is a weather seal, and so we want to make sure this side is flat up against the railing of our vehicle. Here at the front, we need to make sure that our water drain right here that our hose will connect to later is about 1" away from the beginning of our truck bed. Now depending on whether or not you have a thicker bed liner, this measurement may be a little bit smaller, as stated in the instructions. So we're right at 1".

Once we have that set, we can then take our clamps and start fitting them to the correct locations on our side rail, and they're marked by a sticker. All right, so this is the clamp that we have to take to clamp our tonneau cover rail to the bed rail of our truck. The clamp is going to go on like this. This side's going to reach the inside edge of our side rail, and then this edge is going to clamp on the back side of the rail of our truck. And then we'll use the 1/2" drive to tighten the clamps together.

We'll want to make sure that the upper grips are as close to even with each other as they can be, just so they're not slanting when we tighten, and eventually having the risk of our tonneau cover rail coming off our truck. All right, so here's the approximate clamp rotation. With this truck, this auto part right here that layers out from the bed of our truck actually gets in the way of our clamp. So since it says approximate, that means we can go to one side a little bit if we need to. So we're going to go on this side of the clamp, and we're going to go ahead and install this under here.

All right, now we're going to go ahead and repeat that process for the remainder of our clamps. Keep in mind that in your packaging and in your instructions, it says that some truck bed and rails only need three clamps. On this rail, with an 8' bed, you'll see that it has three other markers besides the first one. That calls for all four clamps that comes with the kit. All right, now we're going to repeat the same process for the passenger side of our truck bed.

Today we're going to use a second set of hands. One of the biggest things to make sure when we're putting this rail on is that we have the exact same distance up here at the front, the gap, that we do with the driver side of our vehicle. One of the things to keep in mind, especially when you get towards the back of the side rail, is that when you tighten down these clamps you need to keep pressure on the top so your weather seal does not break. One of the cool features of this tonneau cover is that we can actually code our key with our ignition key. Once you do this one time, then your lock is coded only with that specific key. We already removed the protective label that was covering the key hole, so how we'll take our ignition key and we insert it into our tonneau key hole, and to get it to code what we need to do is we need to turn the key about three-quarters of a turn. We'll hit a stopping point, and at that point our ignition key and our lock is coded together, and we should be ready for everyday use. All right, now we're going to show you how to install your weather drainage. Your side rails will eventually, if it's a hard rain, possibly fill up with water, and so this will help drain that out of our rails. What you do is you connect it with the connector here on the end. In the instructions you will see that in some occasions, depending on your truck bed, you may need to a 3/4" hole. For our installation today, our liner already has a hole in it. So we would take our drain tube and just feed it through that hole. You can shove that all the way, or you leave it out for easy access if you ever want to remove it. All right, now we're going to take our other tube, move over to the driver side, and repeat that process. Now we're going to show you how easy it is to install, and we'll be using a second set of hands. We're lining it up with the pins that are in place in our rain guards. You need to make sure that this hook loops around this pin. To close the other panels of our tonneau cover, we need to make sure that this hook here goes around this pin. When closing our third panel, we want to make sure that our lever here grabs our side rale. If your Encore is not fitting quite right to your vehicle, then please refer to your instructions. That completes today's installation of the Extang Encore hard tonneau cover, part number EX62725, on our 2013 Ford F250.

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