Extang EnCore Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Extang EnCore Hard Tonneau Cover on a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2013 Chevrolet Silverado well be test fitting the Extang Encore hard tonneau cover, part number EX62650. Well begin our test fit by placing the drivers side rail on to the bed of our pickup. With the drivers side rail in place, well need to measure an inch back from this cab rail to the first part of our tonneau cover rail. Now the clamps are an inch wide so we can use this to measure the distance. With that done were ready to install our clamps. So the jagged edges up here towards the top is whats going to pinch between the rail of the tonneau cover and the rail of the pickup truck bed.

Now the bottom portion of the clamp needs to be in either the bottom slot or the top slot. And as you can see theres a groove here which allows you to slide the clamp up and down to best accommodate your trucks bed rails. Now the bed rails do have stickers indicating where the approximate clamp location should be, one towards the front of the cab, one at the center, and one towards the rear of the bed. Now the grooves that are in the clamps will fit in the grooves of the rail of the tonneau cover and then fit behind the back side of the bed. Well now start at the rear of the truck bed and place the clamp in position.

Well want to try to get the clamp up as far as possible on the grooves. Now the sticker does indicate this is the approximate clamp location and because the stake pocket is preventing us from putting the clamp further back, this position will do. Well then thread on the nut and then thread on the bolt and tighten it down. Well then move to the center and repeat the same steps. Now when doing this you will need an extra set of hands to hold the rail in place and also to help you push down when youre tightening down the clamps to get a flush seam between the rail of the tonneau cover and the rail of the truck bed.

And then well repeat the same process for the passenger side tonneau rail. Now before we place the tonneau cover onto the rails well need to install the drainage tubes. Now there are these rubber covers which protect the holes in the stake pockets which will need to be removed. The tube will fit on this downward spout of the rail. Were going to be using a flathead screwdriver to help us pop up the caps.

Now with this hose in place, well repeat the same process for the other side. Now with both rails installed were ready to key the tonneau cover. Well flip back the protective cover and peel back the yellow warning label. Now with the key removed from the keychain, simply insert the key into the lock core and turn three-quarters of a turn. Well then turn the key back and pull it out. Keep in mind that once the cylinder is coded, it cannot be used with any other key. Now that weve keyed our tonneau cover, well grab an extra set of hands to place it onto our truck bed. Now this black hook when unfolded is going to rest in between these two silver posts. And now this hook for the front section of the tonneau cover will wrap around the silver post when unfolded. Well undo the buckles at the top and unfold the tonneau cover. You can hear the snap of the tonneau cover latched down. Now you can see there is a little bit of play in there which you can either adjust the clamps on the rails or the kit does come with these two black spacers which well show you how they fit on the rail to interact with the latch system in the back of the tonneau cover. So these are the spacers. This will create some extra space reducing or eliminating the play in the latch system if you dont feel like adjusting the rails. There is a sticky adhesive on the inside of this spacer and they simply will just fit onto the rail and will help you with that space and that rattle. Now this kit also does come with stake pocket covers which will also reduce the amount of water flowing into the truck bed from the stake pockets. Theyre just plastic little caps that we can lift up the tonneau cover and simply snap in place, but for todays demonstration were not going to be snapping them in place all the way. The kit does come with four for all four stake pockets on your truck. So the kit also does come with a extra foam seal which is going to ride on the rail up here next to the cab and the rail up here on the tonneau cover when set down is going to create a nice flush seal up here at the bed rail near the cab. And with that that will complete todays test fit for the Extang Encore hard tonneau cover, part number EX62650 on our 2013 Chevrolet Silverado.

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