Extang EnCore Tonneau Cover Installation - 2006 GMC Sierra

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How to Install the Extang EnCore Tonneau Cover on a 2006 GMC Sierra

Today on our 2006 GMC Sierra, we're going to install Part Number EX62940. This is the Extang Encore Hard Tonneau Cover. Before we get into our install, we'll show you how the assembly works. First off, pull down on our cable here to release latches, so we get access to the back. Here's the cable right here, to activate their latches on both sides. For our front section over by the cab, we'll go ahead and try the lock.

It looks like the whole assembly turns, when you turn the key clockwise. It popped open, and we have access to the inside of our bed. When you're done, just go ahead and push it into place. Make sure your key is gone. Go the opposite corner and make sure it's secure. We'll go ahead and take the whole tonneau cover and flip it towards the front.

Then we'll go ahead and install our snaps. In this case, we can use this little hitch now. First step, is to go ahead and get our truck ready. To do that, we need to check the front rail here. This had a bed liner on it, or the bed caps we're higher than this part here, then you have to install a foam strip.

Since this is relatively flat all the way across, we won't have to worry about the foam strip. Next, we'll go ahead and install our side rails. They'll sit on the rail just like this, with top edge going over to corner. When you scoot these forward to about 1 inch of the front rail. The clamps are about 1 inch, so we'll use that as a gauge. To give us an extra hand holding it in place while we install the clamps, we've got these spring clamps right here, to do it.

Right now we can go ahead and install our clamps. We'll go ahead and loosen them up, and we'll put them in the place indicated on the rail. There is an indication at the front of the rail and at the end of the rail. The middle one will go approximately somewhere in this area here. I can't get really close to our location here because of the bed, but we'll get as close as we can. We'll push down on the rail and then tighten it up. Our aim for this rail here is to be about even. Once we're done with the driver side, we'll go ahead and repeat the same thing on the passenger side. Next, we'll go ahead and install our drain lines. One end, we'll just simply push into the bar fitting here. The other end will go through the bed. In this case, there's an existing hole in the corner here, that we're going to drill up a three quarter inch drill bit and then run our line through. The instructions so a loop, so we'll just take our line and just twist it to make our loop. If we're done with our driver side, just go ahead and repeat for the passenger side. Next, we'll go ahead and program the lock to the truck's key. First, we'll go ahead and remove the protective label. To set the code-able lock, fully insert the key into the lock cylinder without rotating it. While maintaining full key insertion, rotate the key clockwise until it hits a stop point, about three quarters of a turn. Now It should be fully programmed and ready to go. Rotate it back, remove the key and do it a few more times to ensure that it's coded. Now, go ahead and put the Tonneau cover into place. We'll take our middle section here, with the hinges, and we'll place it between these 2 bars here. Now we'll go ahead and lay it toward the bed of the truck. Make sure this hook here, wants to aim for this bar right here. Then we'll go ahead and install our safety straps. Next, we'll undo these clips right here. We had them engaged while we put it in place. Then we'll go ahead and rotate up toward the front. Now, take our last panel by the tailgate and go ahead and put it in place. We'll verify their latch will engage with the rail. All right, and with that, our installation is already finished. That will finish it for Part Number Ex62940, the Extang Encore Hard Tonneau Cover on our 2006 GMC Sierra. .

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