Extang Encore Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Extang Encore Hard Tonneau Cover on a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2011, Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab. Well be installing the extang encore hard tonneau cover part number ex62645. Lets go ahead and go over a few functions of our extang encore hard tonneau cover. To unlatch the rear portion of the tonneau cover, simply pull on the cable on either side and both latches will undo. To close it, you simply push down on the top making sure that both latches are secure. Now if you need to open your tonneau cover up to gain access to the bed, youll fold it all the way up towards the cab of the vehicle and youll secure it with the buckles provided. The front portion of the tonneau cover is the section that has the lock that you can put your ignition key into. Well go ahead and put our ignition key into the lock and turn it two to three times so that we key the lock to our ignition key. But that doesnt then allow us to lock the front portion of the tonneau cover. You can gain access to the front portion of the bed by simply putting your key in, unlocking the lock and turning the latch. Thisll give you access to the front portion of your bed. Now lets start over here on the passenger side.

Now that we have our rail in place, well go ahead and measure back approximately one inch from the front of the bed. Now that we have it measured out, well go ahead and have someone help us hold the rail down while we put our clamps in place. With the clamp pushed all the way up, youll go ahead and tighten down the nut. Youll need half inch socket to tighten down each of the clamps. Well then go ahead and repeat this process for the other side. Were going to go ahead and install the foam piece that comes with the kit.

To do this you simply unroll it and work it along the front edge of the bed. As you work it along, go ahead and press down firmly on the front lip of the bed. Once we have reached the other side of the bed, well go ahead and cut it to length and then well peel the top portion off. Now that we have both side rails installed, next were going to go ahead and set our tonneau cover into place. You want to make sure that each of the tabs are catching the portion of the rail that we just installed. Youll also notice that theres two secure tethers that need to be put to the each of the side rails. The tethers themselves are yellow in color and there is a clasp at the end. Now that we have that done, all thats left to do is install the drain hoses.

Now in our bed, because there is a plastic liner were going to go up here in the corners where theres a rubber cover, that covers up the tie-down location. Well then use our three quarter end tool saw bit and well drill a hole just to the back side of where our tie-down location is. Well then take the hose that comes with the kit and attach it to the bottom portion of the drain and then well put the excess through the hole we just drilled in the bed. Well then go underneath the vehicle and we use a zip tie to help secure off any excess hose that comes out underneath the bed. Well then go ahead and repeat this process for the other side. Now lets go ahead and see how the extang encore hard tonneau cover does on the road. Well go ahead show you in the folded as well the unfolded position. With that, thatll do our installation of the extang encore hard tonneau cover part number ex62645 on our 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. .

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