Extang EnCore Hard Tonneau Cover Installation - 2006 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Extang EnCore Hard Tonneau Cover on a 2006 Ford F-250

Today, on this 2006 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab, were going to install part number EX62720. This is an Extang encore hard tonneau cover. All right, the first thing we need to do is go ahead and take a look at our truck. We need to take a look at this inside corner up here by the cab. We need to see if the bedrail is higher than the cab rail. In this case it is, so we have to use a piece of foam tape to take up that gap. This is the foam tape that comes with the kit.

Its a self-adhesive that simply attaches right here. Now, well go ahead and clean up the cab rail first with some rubbing alcohol, as with sandpaper, to help rough it up. Then, well install our foam tape. Okay, I got it roughed up. Well go ahead and clean it off with some rubbing alcohol. Ill let that dry, and then Ill apply our foam.

Well just do a little bit at a time, making sure I keep it even with the edge of the radius here. Then Ill cut off our excess. Well take the covering off the top. Now we can go ahead and move on to our side rail. Lets go ahead and put our first side rail into place. Were looking at the drivers side.

Well go ahead and put it up on top next to the rail here, and well slide it forward. We need to keep it about 1 inch away from the cab rail here, and the clamps are about 1 inch thick, so Ill use that for our gauge. We use a clamp to help hold it in place. You could also have an extra set of hands to do this as well. Make sure its slap on top, and then we can go ahead and install our clamps. Now, it does have a label at the front and back ends where to put the clamp, however, this structure right here is in the way.

I want to get as close as possible to it, about right here. Take our clamp, and well start off with this side of the clamp in this notch right here, and put it into place. Well slide it all the way forward as possible. Well get it finger-tight. Well make sure our rail is leveled this way then well go ahead and tighten this down. Well go to the other side of the rail. Were going to put it right where they want it. All right, we can go ahead and take these clamps off, and for our last clamp in the middle, about right here. Okay, were done for our drivers side. Lets go ahead and repeat the same process over on the passenger side. Next well go ahead and install our drain lines for our gutter right here. This is a press fit onto the sitting. Our other half will go through this knockout in the bed right here. We use a -inch hole saw to drill through our knockout right here. Well just go ahead and route it, and push it into place. Now, instructions show a bit of a loop, so lets go ahead, and put a twist into our line to give us that loop, and then it goes out our knockout. Okay, now to help keep this moving around, and take a tough way as safe as possible, were actually going to wrap a zip tie around this, around our anchor point to help contain it. All right, lets go ahead and well do some work on our tonneau cover now. There are to two of these that we have to undo. These clips right here, you squeeze them. Well go ahead and open up the tonneau cover to get access to the lock. For this, well use ignition key for our truck. Well go ahead and open up the lid, peel off the sticker. Well take the key You only get one chance to do this. Push it all the way in and then turn it clockwise until it stops, about of a turn. Back it off, remove the key and it should be coded to this key now. Well go ahead and operate it a few times to make sure that it works. You probably want to try it about 5 times in total; make sure it works good. We can go ahead and put our tonneau cover on our truck. Now, with an extra set of hands, well go ahead and place the tonneau cover into place. Now, well go ahead and tilt it up vertical until this edge meets this rod right here. Well just go ahead and lay our front half flat. Make sure that the rod will line up to the catch on the front side. This should line up here when we fold it down. Then well go ahead and do the same thing with the back half. Here it goes. Lets do the back as needed, and well continue unfolding. Well go ahead and pull the back just a little bit. Well take the strap and connect to our loop back here. It looks like it snaps into place. Now, you take your front half and push it back down, and press it down, and check the fit. Right, well make sure that the tonneau cover sits even all the way around then well go ahead and test it up against our tailgate. You see how the tailgate fits up against the seal right here. All right, our tonneau cover is fully installed. Lets go ahead and cover the operation. Take our key and lock it; okay, thats locked. Unlock it, gently, about a rotation, about a half a turn. On this strap right here, you can go ahead and unlatch it and see how the latches work. Okay, you can pull this up. You can access the back of your bed. I dont have this locked right now, but all we do is turn it, and lift up on the handle here, and we can get access to the front of our truck. You can see how the tonneau cover sits on top of the pads. Then, if you wanted full access with this off, all you have to do is rotate it back up to the center position and then we can just simply remove it. We can also just rotate it up all the way up towards the front as well. Once again, it will sit on the pads, and we can use these straps to latch it down. With that, thatll finish it for part number EX62720, the Extang encore hard tonneau cover on our 2006 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab. .

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