Extang eMAX Soft Tonneau Cover Installation - 2015 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Extang eMAX Soft Tonneau Cover on a 2015 Ford F-150

Today, this 2015 Ford F150, we're going to review and install the Extang Emax Soft Tonneau Cover part # EX72475. All right this is what a tonneau cover looks like when it's installed in our truck. Now this tonneau cover will protect anything you put in the bed from the elements. It's not going to be water proof but it will be weather proof enough to protect anything you put in the bed of the truck. Now Emax is a tri-fold style tonneau cover. It folds up in 3 places, 1, 2 another latch right here.

You pull on the cord to release them and number 3. When you require your tonneau cover to be in this position it does come with some prop rods to help hold it in place. Just line up the ball put the socket here and just push it in. There's one on each side. To release it just push in the red lever here and fold back apart. Now if we don't need it like that, we still need to fold it up part of the way.

It does have some straps to help contain it as you go down the road. These straps just snap into place and you can adjust the length if you need to. Now our tonneau cover comes fully assembled, it has a power coat, aluminum frame connected to a vinyl tonneau cover. Now the pieces that do attach to your truck are all clamped on. There's no drilling required.

Now there's a nice thick seals that are in between the tonneau cover and your truck. We notice that when it's not being compressed right here on top we look at the bottom matches the contour of the bed and helps keep the elements out. When you want to close you tonneau cover to your bed of the truck, first off the clamps are built in to the bow here, it hold it in place. There's one on each side. With the tonneau cover in place you can easily close your tailgate. All right next we'll go ahead and show you how we install the tonneau cover.

For reference we're working with the 5 1/2 foot bed model. First step of our install is to put these rails into place. They only go a short distance, they're also labeled passenger side and driver's side. Now this rail is going to install in this fashion but needs it to set back about a 1/2 inch from this edge right here. So we'll go ahead and measure that out. We'll do this on both sides. Go ahead and put the rail up into place and we'll slide up to our mark. You also want this top edge to be even with the top edge of the bed rail. Maybe it's a good idea to have an extra set of hands to help hold it in place while you install the clamps or you can use some simple spring clamps. This is our clamp right here. We'll go ahead and put it into place. I'll make sure the bottom catches like this. We can adjust this however to whatever fits to a rail better on your truck. Bolt goes to the outside when it's put into place. Put it up as far as we can, then we'll tighten it down using a 1/2 inch socket. When you install these you want to put these as far forward as possible. In this case the bed liner is going to be the way as well as the pocket. Now we'll repeat the same process at the other end. Once you're satisfied with the placement, then you can go ahead and tighten down the clamps for good and take off our temporary clamps. Now we're finished with this side for now. We'll go and repeat the same process over on the driver's side. Now we'll go ahead and put our tonneau cover in place. I'm just going to lay it down for now, just like this. Make sure that this edge right here with these clips goes toward the cab. This part needs to overlay the front edge up by the cab. Now to set it down make sure that this edge stays on the inside. Once this is centered between both rails, it should be okay. Now we can go ahead and unfold the tonneau cover, carefully don't move it around too much. Okay, we'll go ahead and push it down and then we'll take a look at it and make sure it's set in the way we want it on the truck. Also, put the tailgate up and make sure it sits properly on the tailgate. You want to make sure this seal here matches up with the end of the tailgate. Also you want to double check up front that does the same thing. Then we'll fully go ahead and fold it back up towards the front of the truck. Now, go ahead and install our clamp. This part here rotates to lock into place and this channel is built into the tonneau cover. Push it up in there and then rotate it it'll be a little of a bind which is fine and then this ridge right here will fit into a groove like that. Make sure it engages the rail right here. We'll tighten down this hardware using a 1/2 inch socket. We're done for our driver's side. We'll do it one more time on the passenger side. Next we'll take our safety strap and this clips into this part right there. Do that on both sides of the tonneau cover. Now we'll go ahead and put the tonneau cover back down. We'll make sure these latches right here fully engage this rail. It's going to be a really close call right here so let's now push it all the way down. We're going to push down on it and make sure it latches, there it is. If we need to we can make an adjustment with this part right here, to move it in or out if needed. Now we're gong to deal with our last set of clamps. Now these do not stay permanently on the truck. They actually stay folded up into the tonneau cover when you have a tonneau cover rolled up. To release them, it's just a snap this, just pop it loose. Now they work if when you put your tonneau cover down, you pull up on this. It's spring loaded and that spring tension keeps the tonneau cover connected to the bed and you can move it over to the side as you need to. To engage them push down on the tonneau cover, slide it over, pull down and make sure it goes underneath the edge of the bed rail and that's it. We're now finished with our Extang eMax Soft Tonneau Cover part # EX72475. .

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