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etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar Installation - 2015 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the etrailer XHD Non-Binding Tow Bar on a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500

Hey everyone. How's it going Today, we're gonna be going over and showing you how to set up the etrailer XHD Tow Bar here on a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500. So here's what our tow bar looks like set up. Now off first glance here you're gonna see we have these nice durable powder-coated arms here. That's gonna do a couple of different things. Number one, it actually blends in pretty well with our vehicle or motorhome, but number two, it's also gonna help us protect the arms from rust and corrosion.

Being that the tow bar is on the outside of the vehicle, it is sort of an abused item. So another key feature of the etrailer tow bar is how well it integrates with our base plate kit. So for this particular setup here, we're actually using some of the Demco classic baseplate kit. So we'll show you the connection to this but it's super simple. There's not a lot of moving parts.

So we simply have our pin here, take that out. And the connector is actually built in to the end of our tow bar arm. And there's no other parts we need to remove. So the next feature we're gonna go over is the non-binding arms. Now what the non-binding arms do is they make for disconnecting from our baseplate kit much easier.

So once we pull up to the campground after we've gotten done towing and our arms are locked out, we're not just gonna be able to come out and pull the pins because there's gonna be too much tension on the arms. We're gonna have to break the tension using these little levers on the inside here. But once we do that, we should be able to easily pull out the pin. Now, if we didn't have the non-binding design and we weren't completely level, we gonna have a heck of a time trying to get those pins out, you're definitely gonna be fighting with them. So if we take a look at the shank of our tow bar here, notice it does look a little bit different than some of the other tow bars you may be accustomed to.

And that's because we actually have a built in high-low adapter. So if you flat tow before, I'm sure you're familiar with this, but essentially we need our tow bar to be pretty level when we're out towing and this can be done a number of different ways. There's all kinds of different motor home heights and towed vehicle heights on the market. So a lot of times, we do actually need some sort of adapter to level the connection. Now, what comes in handy here with the etrailer tow bar is that we don't actually have to always have that separate adapter because we have a built-in rise/drop. You could easily remove a few of these bolts, flip the shank over to give us a better chance of achieving a level ride. So if we look at the side of our tow bar arms here, you can see we have this nice silver metal rod and what this is used for, it's used to secure, further secure rather, the coiled electrical cable. So chances are, we're gonna have a ton of extra slack with our electrical cables here. Almost all of them are a lot longer than we actually need. So we are gonna have some chance for that to get tangled up with some of our other wires or possibly drag the ground. But by securing it through this metal rod here, we're not gonna have issues with either of those things. So touching base more on sort of the all-inclusive package with our tow bar here, so we actually do get the included safety chains. They come with, these are required by law. We also, however get these nice little holders that secure them to the bottom of the tow bar arms. So in regards to weight capacity, the XHD is rated for 10,500 pounds, which is gonna be more than enough for our three-quarter tongue here. So we're ready to unhook our vehicle from the motor home. It's super easy. Now, if our arms are locked out, we'd want to go ahead and break the tension free with these release levers on the inside. Then we're gonna simply open up the pin here and we can remove it. And then our tow bar arm should just slide out. We can undo our safety cable here and then repeat that same process on the other side. So we can go ahead and retract our arms. We can actually place the tow bar here in the stowed position. So it can go up to either side but you just want to tilt the arms up, rotate them over, and then down to lock them in place. There's gonna be a little metal rod here, which lines up with this yellow keeper, and that holds everything together. So with our tow bar here, we actually do get an included hitch pin. However, since this is a motor home mounted tow bar, meaning it stays on the motor home while it's not in use, I would definitely recommend picking up a locking hitch pin, which we sell at etrailer. And there's even a nice cover you can get for it as well. And that's gonna do it today for our look at the etrailer XHD Tow Bar here on a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500..

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