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Erickson Ladder Racks Review - 2013 Ford F-150

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Review of the Erickson Ladder Racks on a 2013 Ford F-150

Today in our 2013 Ford F-150, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Erikson Truck Bed Ladder Rack with load stops. Part number EM07706. Now this heavy duty ladder rack is going to let you carry ladders, lumber, and just about anything that's long that you want to put on top of your vehicle. With our adjustable load stops here, you're always going to make sure that they're not going to slide off by just adjusting them in against the sides of your load. It's also going to have these convenient tie down cleats so if you had a large load tied on there, you can just take your rope and you'll wrap it around the cleat to help keep it in place. It's going to have a powder coated finish that's going to help protect it against rust and corrosion and it's also going to have corrosion protected bolts all through. It's going to be a no drill design.

It's going to clamp over top of your bed rail with some J hooks and it's going to fit just about any pickup truck on the market. This will work with a bed liner and with a tool box. This rack's going to hold 800 pounds and with a 78 in span on our crossbars, you can put a nice wide load up there. Your uprights are going to come up 33 and a half inches from the top of our bed side to the bottom side of our rack and with the foot of our rack here, it's going to be about 15 inches wide so it's going to give you plenty of support and it's going to be very easy to remove. It's just got to J bolts on each side. You take those off and you can lift off the bar until you're ready to use it again. We're going to start with a little bit of pre-assembly.

We're going to assemble our load stops. We'll take our M-8 bolts, we're going to slide the bolt through the back side, put on a flat washer, a lock washer, followed by our nylon lock nut. We'll do that for both sides. We'll go ahead and set those aside. Now we're going to take our bed support and set it in place.

We're going to want to push it back as far as we can but you don't want to push it back too far where it's going to interfere with your tailgate. Then you're going to slide your flat washer, the lock washer, then a nut, go ahead and snug that up a little bit. This will be adjustable so you can slide it forward if you need for a smaller load. We're going to set ours back as far as we can so we can put a ladder up on there. Now we can do the other side as the same way. You want to make sure the foot of your J bolt is sitting flat on the bottom side of the bed here so it gets a good grip when you tighten them down.

We can take our off rights with our M16 bolts. We'll slide those through with a washer on the outside. Go ahead and put both of them in so it doesn't fall over. We'll put our flat washer, followed by our split lock washer, and our nylon lock nut on the top and the bottom. We'll repeat this for the other side. Next up is going to be to take our load stops and we're going to slide those in under the bar and we'll take our bar and we're going to slip it through on this side. Then we can take our M12 bolts, place the bolt through our pinch up here. We'll put a flat washer on the back side followed by a nylon lock nut. We'll do that for the other side as well. We're going to go ahead and snug down our J bolts. You're going to want to make sure you still have it pressed up flush on the bottom so everything's nice and lined up. It's going to be okay if it's got a little bit of gap here because on this bed, the under lip doesn't go far enough back to push that all the way back so we're going to make sure we have that foot nice and flat and we can go ahead and start snugging these down. Before we tighten the other side, we want to make sure we still have the same amount of distance between the end of our bracket and the end of the bed. We want to make sure the other side's the same and we can go ahead and snug that one down as well. Go ahead and take a 3/4 inch wrench and we're going to go ahead and snug down these pinch bolts on the top here. We made sure we had the same amount of distance from the end of our pipe to the inside of our bracket. Now we can double check our measurement before we tighten up the other side. They're still equal. Now we can go ahead and snug down that other side. Our last step is going to be to tighten up these M16 bolts here. You want to make sure you have about the same distance on both sides to the inside or to the outside, whatever you're going to use as your reference point. Once you have that set, you can go ahead and tighten them up. Now you want to step back and take a look at it and make sure everything looks straight. Now we're going to take a wrench and we're just going to tighten down all of our bolts to make them nice and tight. Then we'll follow it with the pinch bolts at the top and we're going to repeat this process on the other side and our large bolts very last. Now we're going to go ahead and snug down our stops. You're going to want to keep in mind when you're going to set these for whatever load you're going to be carrying you're going to have to loosen it up and slide it back and forth on the pole. We're going to set ours temporarily in the upright position. If you we're to be hauling something that didn't require the stops you can just loosen them off and let them swing down to the bottom and snug them up. That way they're out of the way and you can set your load up there. That's going to do it for our look at the install of the Erikson Truck Bed Ladder Rack with load stops, part number EM07706 on our 2013 Ford F-150.

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