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Epicord 7 Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box Revew

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Review of the Epicord 7 Way Molded Trailer Plug with Junction Box

Today we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Epicord. This is a 7-way molded trailer plug connector with junction box. The 10-foot length is part number 277-000141. The 7-foot length is part number 277-00142. Here's what our wiring kit is going to look like. This is the 10-foot length.

As you can see, we've got a good long length here, nice heavy-duty jacketed 7-pole cable. That's going to go right into our 7-pole plug. This is going to plug right into the back of any 7-pole vehicle and give us all the signals going right to our junction box. This is going to eliminate a lot of the splicing and different wires, trying to get a connection here, get a connection there. These all can be made in the safety of our weather-proof box. You can see here as we open it up, this is all pre-wired.

Got a really nice factory seal here. It's going to keep out the elements for us. We've got top and bottom entries or exits and we've got side entries. This is going to take care of the brake signal going to our trailer, our ground. We've got 12 volt power and we're going to have all our stop signals, out turn signals, everything we need to head down the road safely. After we've decided on our positioning, we can just use a couple of self-tapping screws and secure it right to the frame of the trailer.

Now we can secure our wire off however you want to, whether it's using zip ties or our customer had some loom clamps installed here, so we're just going to go ahead and use them for him. That'll give us length to get up here to the front and our customer's requested that we just leave this loose. He's got a longer and a short tongue for the trailer, so just coil that up here for now, let's make these connections. Let's get our cover pulled off here. The first connection we're going to make here is going to be for our ground wire. Actually, just poke that right through the plug there, going to run this down and I want to connect it right to the white.

I'm going to add a ring terminal to the end of that. I need about 7 of those and that's going to be part number 44-5310A. If we use an 8mm we can back the nut off, right there, and just start laying our new ring terminals right on top. Now, I'm going to bring my brake wires through, this is going to be the ground and also the power for our brakes. Now we'll run in our 4-pole wires. Now once you've got all the wires ran in that you need to for your box, you can actually tighten down the screws there. There's a little clamp that will hold all those wire nice and secure. Now, it's just a matter of getting our cover back on there. Now we'll just plug it into the back of the vehicle here and we can run through our lights. We have our running lights, our left blinker, our right blinker and also our brakes. And that's going to complete our installation of the Epicord, a 7-way molded trailer connector with 7-way junction box.

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