Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display Installation - 2006 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Edge Insight CTS Gauge Display on a 2006 Ford F-250

Today in our 2006 Ford F250 Diesel, we're going to be installing the Edge insight CTS comprehension gauge display system, Part # EP83830. The first thing we need to do is locate our OBD 2 port. Next, we can mount our display up on our windshield where we want it. We'll use the alcohol wipe to clean the glass before we attach the suction cup mount. With the glass clean we can go ahead and secure our suction cup mount. Next we'll connect our cable to the back of the CTS monitor.

Then we'll fit it on to our suction cup mount and make sure it's secure and begin running the cable down towards our OBD 2 port. We're going to use the seal here that seals the body of the truck to the interior panels and were just going to tuck our wire behind the seal. We'll follow it all the way down and we'll find a way to cut over across our dash to the OBD 2 port. We'll coil up any excess and use our include zip ties to secure it. The OBD 2 port is located at the bottom of the dash close to the center console.

With all our cable added, we can go ahead and connect the CTS monitor to our OBD 2 port. And with that, our installation is complete. That does it for our install of the Edge CTS comprehensive gauge display system, Part # EP83830 on our 2006 Ford F250.

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