Edge Insight CS Guage Display Installation - 1999 Dodge Ram

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How to Install a Edge Insight CS Guage Display on a 1999 Dodge Ram

Today on our 99 Dodge 2500 we'll be installing the Edge Insight CS, part number ep83730. In conjunction with the Edge Insight CS we will also be installing the accessory the Dash Pod which is part number ep38303. In this particular vehicle you'll notice that the customer already has a dash cover on it. We'll need to do some modifications to the dash cover for the Dash Pod to fit properly.We'll need to go ahead and first connect the three tabs that are supplied to the backside of the Dash Pod. They're numbered one, two and three and you will need to match up the tabs with one, two and three on the back of the Dash Pod. Now before you stick the tabs onto the Dash Pod we will use an alcohol swab to go ahead and clean the back of the Dash Pod to make sure the adhesive sticks properly.Once you've used the alcohol swab to go ahead to clean the back of the Dash Pod off you'll go ahead and pull the adhesive backing off of each of the tabs and stick them on the correlating numbers.

Now that we have all three tabs on we'll go ahead and test fit the Dash Pod as to how it will fit on our dash. In this situation we went ahead and used some blue masking tape to mark off an area where the Dash Pod will fit and then we went ahead and trace around it so we know what area of the carpet to cut out.Now that we've got the carpet cut out you'll see that the Dash Pod will slip underneath the carpet. You'll need to connect one side of the hook and loop attachment by peeling the back of the adhesive off and sticking it to it. Now that we have the three halves of the hook and loop attached to the tabs that we installed earlier on the back of the Dash Pod we'll go ahead and figure out the locations that we need to attach them to the dash.Before we actually stick the Dash Pod down we're going to go ahead and feed the wire that runs from the OB2 connector to the back of the Edge Insight CS. We're going to go ahead and feed that through as we're putting it down to make it a little easier for us later.

Now that we have the Dash Pod mounted in place with the Velcro tabs we'll go ahead and put our dash cover back down around it making sure it fits properly.Now we'll go ahead and connect the wire to the back of the Insight CS. You'll notice that there's a locking tab on one side. When you put the wire in the back of the CS go ahead and make sure that it clicks into place. Now that you have that you'll go ahead and put it into the Dash Pod making sure that it fits firmly in place and that the rubber boot around it does not push out.Now that the Insight CS is in the Dash Pod we'll go ahead and route the wire down making it go underneath the dash over to where our OB2 connection is. We used a few zip ties under the dash to help keep the wire secure.

Now that we have all the wires secure we'll go ahead and plug it into our OB2 connection making sure that you push it firmly into place. Now that we've got that done we'll go ahead and snip off the extra length of our zip ties that we used to help hold the wire under the dash. That'll do it for the installation.Now we'll go ahead and show you a few basic operations. When you first turn the unit on it will prompt you for what make the vehicle is. It will also ask you if it has a manual or automatic transmission.

Once you've gone through the first basic steps of setting up the Insight CS you can go ahead and scroll through the menus and see what different functions there are such as the fuel mileage calculator.Once you've completed the initiation steps on the Insight CS you're ready to go ahead and use it. That's all there is to installing the Edge Insight CS, part number ep83730 along with the accessory Dash Pod, part number ep38303 on our 1999 Dodge 2500. .

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