Edge Evolution CTS Programmer Installation - 2007 GMC Sierra New Body

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How to Install the Edge Evolution CTS Programmer on a 2007 GMC Sierra New Body

Today on this 2007 GMC Sierra New Body, we're going to show you the Edge Evolution CTS programmer with a color touchscreen, part number E-P-8-5-2-0-0. This is what the Edge Evolution CTS programmer looks like when its installed in our truck. We have it in a typical location here, off to the left-hand side, on a lower part of the windshield. This will boost the vehicle's horsepower and torque, and improve the overall drivability for your truck. Now, this touchscreen can show up to eight parameters at the time. This will reprogram the vehicle to improve power and performance. We can do that by going through the menu. On 'Programming'...

then we have our four levels, plus our stock level as well. We'll take a look at the mileage coach program, which will help you monitor your engine performance and fuel efficiency. Easy to get to. touch the main menu, go down to diagnostics, and we'll scroll all the way down towards the bottom, and there's your mileage coach. Hit 'Enter.' This will show you about your driving habits, your fuel average, fuel economy, your odometer, what you paid for fuel the last time, mileage cost, trip cost.

There's some more, down towards the bottom. It also comes with driving tips. All right, let's go ahead and talk about the display itself. It's a high-resolution, with a four and one third of an inch size touchscreen. This has a light sensoring 00:01:31 meter as well, so this will dim or brighten the screen as needed, depending on ambient light. Our display attaches to our glass here with a built-in suction cup. Okay, let's go ahead and take it off our mount right here and take a look at the back real fast.

You'll notice this has got a port right here for video-in, so there's also an additional camera that you can mount on the back of your vehicle. So this will double as a backup camera. A secondary port, up here, for other accessories that are available. That's the work of Edge 00:02:03 accessories such as the EGT pyrometer, the EGT probe monitor's exhaust gas temperature, to prevent heat-related engine damage. Aside from adjusting the power levels of your truck, you can also have some fun with it. You can capture zero-to-sixty times, and quarter-mile performance times as well.

The performance tests are done with a dragstrip Christmas tree lighting. With this part number, this is what you get: of course, a programmer right here, a cable that goes from the programmer to your port underneath the dash of your truck, a USB cable to update it, and also a mount that goes to your windshield to hold the programmer - zip-ties help secure the extra wires - plus an install guide as well. Right, now I'll go ahead and show you how we install it in our truck. First up is to locate the OBD-II port. On a truck it's right here. Our cables simply plugs right into it. We'll pull off the cover of our fuse panel. We can work a wire from underneath, and out the panel. We'll go ahead and route our cable behind our door seal right here to help hold it up and out of the way. Once you peel the seal away, it's quite a big open area behind it, so you can bring the cable through there. Push the seal back to it's original position, as close as we can, and we'll just leave our cable loose like that for now. Right, let's go ahead and take our device and get it ready to install. This is our mount that goes on the windshield. This part here goes into the grooves that are built into it. Make sure you have it sitting the way you want it, and let's put the two together. We'll leave this loose for now. See as you show it 00:03:45 when we have the position we want, we just tighten this down, and it stays put. Okay, now we're going to take our cable and plug it into the back of a port right here until it clicks, and then we'll go ahead and find a place for it. This is the traditional area right here, but with the excess cable you can move it up and down as you want. So let's go ahead and clean off this area of the glass with the alcohol wipe that comes with it, and we'll install it. With the backing peeled off we'll go ahead and put it into place. Push it up against the glass, take this handle, push it forward. locks it into place. If you need to move it, pull down on this, and this little tab right here to break the seal. We'll adjust our monitor, and tighten up the knob on the back. All right. Once we have everything mounted, maybe take up some of your excess cable if you'd like, and then we'll run it back down, and we'll go ahead and secure our excess cable behind the dash. Then we'll tuck it into our pocket right here, then put our panel back into place. All right. Let's go ahead and touch the screen and start it up and go through the initial prompts. So there's a user guide prompt. Click 'Yes.' We'll get some messages and it'll figure out what truck it's in. So we've got a domestic truck, we'll hit 'Enter.' Down button for Chevy, GMC. Hit 'Enter.' We'll go through the steps. Make sure the key is the run position and hit 'Yes.' inaudible 00:05:23 the basic display shows up, and you're ready to start programming. Okay. That'll finish it for the Edge Evolution CTS programmer, part number E-P-8-5-2-0-0, on this 2007, GMC Sierra New Body.

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