Edge Diesel Evolution Performance Tuner Installation - 2007 Ford F-250

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How to Install the Edge Diesel Evolution Performance Tuner on a 2007 Ford F-250

Today in our 2007 Ford F250, we will be installing Edge Diesel Evolution CTS-2 Performance Tuner Part Number EP85400. Maximize your diesel engine performance with the Edge Evolution CTS-2 Performance Tuner. It comes as a full color high resolution touch screen making it easy to adjust your settings. It simply connects to your vehicle's OBD-2 port with an HDMI style cable. We've gone ahead and dimmed the light so you have a better look at the screen. Here in the Performance Settings, we've got four preset power levels. These are going to help you maximize your vehicle's performance based on your driving style.

Here under Diagnostics, you get a read our of Trouble Codes, that way you always know what your Check-Engine light is saying. The Maintenance Manager lets you track routine maintenance with programmable mileage interval alerts. The Data Log lets you record up to twenty minutes of engine data based on your chosen parameters. The Mileage Coach helps you monitor miles per gallon and develop fuel efficient driving styles. Under Performance Testing, you can track things like your zero to sixty acceleration, your quarter mile or horse power.

In under Records you can view your best times. It reads dozens of parameters supported by your vehicle and can display nine at one time. Here we have battery volts, what gear we're in, revolutions per minute, intake air temperature, miles per gallon, transmission fluid temperature, boost PSI, engine coolant temperature and miles per hour. It can also work as a display for your Edge Backup Camera, which is sold separately. The Towing level is specifically designed for towing. The tuning created for this level provides power where it is needed most while pulling a load. The Performance level is a high power level.

The fuel injection and timing is adjusted to semi-aggressively extract power gains from the vehicle without sacrificing drivability or durability. The Trans Only power setting only affects and makes changes to the transmission. It will provide firmer transmission shifts which may help increase transmission life or economy. Now if you we're to choose the Extreme performance setting, this is going to be the highest setting for the Edge Evolution. The fuel injection and the timing is adjusted aggressively to extract high performance from your vehicle.

All of these options are customizable to your specific preferences. Now we go on take some pictures and go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Now it works simply by just plugging in your vehicle's OBD-2 port. That's going to be your On Board Diagnostics port but we are going to run our cable that would get a nice clean finish by the end. Now our port is located up underneath the dash on our vehicle here. You need to check your owner's manual for your vehicle. Let's go ahead and start by plugging it in to our port. Now we are going to wind up mounting our module right around this area here so we are going to run our cable up through our trim to give it a nice clean finish. So we show you how we do that. Now maybe it's slightly different on your vehicle but what I am going to do is go ahead and remove the trim here to make it easier to route my cable. Now the kit comes with some zip ties so I'm just going to route my cable up underneath here and zip tie it along the way. Now in routing my cable upward and getting it unto the dashboard, I'm going ahead and remove this panel here that way I can grab it and finish tucking it around. So I just grab my trim panel removal tool, if you don't have one, a screw driver works just the same, you just want to be very careful. Here we go. So now I'm just going to feed it up through. Here we go. Now when I've got it up here, I'm just going to route what I need and then tie up my excess. So bring it around, then I'll just zip my excess wire, group it together, cut it off and then tuck it up underneath. Now we can just replace our trim and then get on to our unit. Now with our cable run let's go ahead and grab our mount. We'll put it in position. We'll press it up against the wind shield, push down and then we've got it. Then we can grab our tuner, we're going to turn it over. We'll plug in our HDMI just like that. Now we can just clip it on our mount. Now I've already gone ahead and updated the software, the kit comes with a USB cable to do so. You just need to make sure that you have a computer and an internet connection. Look further to your owner's manual on how to do so. Another completed installation of the Edge Diesel Evolution CTS-2 Performance Tuner Part Number EP85400 on our 2007 Ford F250.

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