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Edge Backup Camera for Color Touch Screen Monitors Installation - 2003 Ford F-250

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How to Install an Edge Backup Camera for Color Touch Screen Monitos on a 2003 Ford F-250

Today on our 2003 Ford F250 well be installing the Edge Accessories backup camera for Edge color touch screens, part number EP98201. To begin our installation well remove the license plate frame containing the camera from the packaging, and after removing our license plate from our truck, here, well line up the bracket on the bumper where the license plate would bolt up. Youll notice that the camera has a wire that comes out of the frame here on the top. Our truck doesnt have a place where we can pass the wire through, so were going to go ahead and drill a hole. Youll notice that the wire has a rubber grommet on it already, so well use that grommet as a guide for the hole it will drill. We may need to open the hole up a little bit in order to get the grommet in.

Now that we have our hole drilled in the bumper we can go ahead and pass the wire through and install the rubber grommet to make sure that it fits. Also, because of where our hole is drilled and to keep it hidden, we may need to drill a hole in our license plate itself, so well go ahead and do that now. Now that we have our holes drilled in both the license plate as well as the bumper we can slide our backup camera into position. We may need to drill out the screw holes in the bumper so that our new hardware will fit into place. We can then take the included hardware, pass the bolt through the license plate frame, through the license plate and into our bumper.

Here on the backside well take a flat washer, lock washer and the nut and screw them onto the two bolts that we passed through. Youll also notice here where our wire comes through the bumper. Well make sure that the rubber grommet has stayed in place and protects our wire. Now that we have all that done well move on to running the wire. Well take the long wire included with the kit and youll notice that it has an arrow on it.

The wire that is connected to the camera also has an arrow on it. Youll also notice that the plug itself is keyed. This will ensure that when connecting the two wires together it does get connected correctly. When connecting it the two arrows will point directly at each other. Here at this connection well need to weatherproof it.

To do this well use the piece of three-end tape included with the kit to surround the connection, preventing any water, dirt or debris from getting into it. Well now run our wire along with the factory wiring harness here in the frame all the way up to the fire wall in the front of the truck. As we run this wire we do want to make sure that we stay away from any moving components, such as the vehicles suspension or any hot components like the vehicles exhaust. Heres a quick tech tip. Were going to use a piece of air tubing here, run it down from the top of our engine compartment where underneath the vehicle well attach our wire to it, using some electrical tape. Well then use the air tube to bring the wire up. As we get to the firewall, this truck here has already had some accessories added to it, and these accessories have already passed through the firewall here in this grommet, so well go ahead and use the same hole to pass our wire through into the passenger compartment. Here in the passenger compartment well take our wire and draw it all the way in. We can now take the camera harness where well remove the monitor from our mounting location here on our dash. On the backside of the monitor youll notice an RCA cable plugin. Well take the yellow end of the camera harness and plug it into the RCA outlet here on the monitor. This red button, which changes the orientation of the camera will slide it through underneath our mounting bracket just so its exposed for our customer. Well take the other wires and route them into the bracket and out here on the drivers side A pillar. We can then go ahead and reinstall our monitor. Now here on the drivers side A pillar well take the harness with the two ends, one for ground, one for power, and run them down the A pillar. Well also take the other side of the camera power extension and plug it in to our camera harness. We can then take it and also run it down the A pillar, hiding it in the dash. Well go ahead and remove the lower dash panel to expose our fuse panel. Well then remove the cover for the fuse panel and locate a correct 10 amp fuse, which is only hot when the key is in the On position. Well use a test light to test the 10 amp fuses, first with the key off and then again with the key on. After locating a good fuse well need to remove that fuse where well then test each of the two spades where the fuse would be. When connecting our fuse tap we want to make sure that the side of the fuse tap that has the wire protruding is in the hot side of the fuse panel. With that done we can then take the red spade connector here on the end of our camera harness and slide it in to the fuse tap spade connector that we just put in. The other side with the ring terminal will just find a suitable ground location and ground it to the chassis of the vehicle. With those two connections made we can go ahead and reassemble our truck, and as we reassemble the truck well make sure that our harness is tucked away to keep it out of your feet or away from any other components that may be moving. Now that our trucks reassembled our camera is ready to operate. Youll notice on the license plate frame here at the camera, there are two Allen set screws. Included with the kit is a small Allen wrench. By undoing the set screws you can adjust the camera distance. You can adjust the camera distance to your liking. As you put the vehicle into reverse, youll notice that the monitor triggers the camera and you can see behind you. With that, that will complete our installation of the Edge Accessory backup camera for Edge color touch screens, part number EP98201 on our 2003 Ford F250.

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