Front Mount Trailer Hitch Installation - 2018 Ram 3500

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How to Install a Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2018 Ram 3500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 RAM 3500, we're gonna be taking a look at and I'm gonna show you how to install the Draw Tite front mount trailer hitch receiver, part number 65063. You see it's gonna have a nice, black powder coat finish that's gonna resist any rust or corrosion and it fits nicely right in the bumper of the vehicle. It's also gonna allow you to hook up a winch. It's gonna have a 9,000 pound max winch line pull, 500 pound vertical load limit, which is the downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube and a 5,000 pound gross trailer weight, which is the trailer, plus the load included. Now I always recommend checking the owner's manual to see what the front axle load limit is and you always want to go with the lowest number between the front axle or that number and the hitch number. One thing that's really nice about this hitch is you get to maintain the use of your factory tow hooks.

One thing that's gonna stick out in the edge of your receiver tube and it doesn't really come out much farther than the edge of your license plate holder.As you can see, it's gonna have a reinforced collar. It has a nice, rounded edge, so it fits with the contour of the vehicle. But the reinforced inaudible 00:01:04 going to help give it a little extra stability on the receiver tube. This hole here in the back, this is your hitch pin hole. It's gonna be 5/8" in diameter.

This front hole, it's for a J pin stabilization device only and what that does, it's gonna take the shake and play out of any of your hitch mounted accessories. Now this J pin does not come with the hitch. However, you can find it on our website. Now let me give you a few measurements to help you when decided on any hitch mount accessories you may need. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost part of the bumper is about 1 1/2".

From the ground to the top innermost part of the receiver tube is 26 1/2. Now let me show you how to get this installed. First thing we want to do to start our installation, we're gonna take some painter's tape.Electrical tape will work too and we're gonna cover up, this edge of the inaudible 00:01:54. That way, our wrenches, when we're taking off our tow hooks don't scratch or dent it. We're gonna do the same thing to the other side.

Take two 18 millimeter sockets. We're gonna remove our tow hooks. We're gonna have a bolt here and then we're gonna have a nut on the inside. We're gonna have four of these on each side. We're gonna take them all out. Now, to get these two out on the inside of each one, we can't go in from the bottom to get to the nuts on the backside. So it makes it a lot easier if you have a wrench that does that. We're gonna slide it in right here, put it right onto the nuts. Just slide them out. In your kit, you're gonna have hex bolts that look like this, conical tooth washers and the nut. This is the new hardware that's gonna be going in. We're gonna install one conical tooth washer like this. It's gonna go over the top of our tow hook, through our hitch and then into the same hole.On the inside, because you're not gonna be able to see it, you're gonna take another conical tooth washer and you're gonna face the teeth towards the bracket here and then you're gonna install the nut on the backside. So we're gonna look like this when we're done. Next thing I suggest to you and you can do this in the first step if you want. I just chose to do it now. Our hitch, we're gonna have to slide through here. So if you can see, I went ahead and taped all the chrome on the edge of that entry point and I even doubled it. I went ahead and went over the top, put a second layer or third layer on top of the stuff that I already did and then what I suggest doing is taking a small piece of cardboard right here in the center and go ahead and tape it on there and you'll see why in a second. Next, we'll set our hitch into place. We're gonna take one side and we're gonna slide it in like this and we're just gonna work it over to the other side.We're gonna rest it in there like that. Next, we're gonna take our tow hook, our hex bolt and one conical tooth washer. I'm gonna start on this bottom corner down here. Just like that. Take another conical tooth washer and then our nut and go on the inside. Go ahead and do the same thing with this top corner and then the same combination of hardware on the inside. Then we'll go ahead and get our hitch lined up and then add on the rest of our hardware. So in order to get a wrench on these, because we took them out from here, our hitch is in the way. What you're gonna have to do is use a socket, a short socket and we're gonna be using a number 17. You're gonna kind of have to slide it up in there. It's gonna be a little bit hard to get to. So it might be easier if you have two people.Once you get the nut on the backside with the washer, conical tooth washer, have somebody on the outside with a drill or with a power drill that can tighten that down while you're holding this inside because you kind of have to the reach up in there. It's hard to do it just like it's hard to do it by yourself and get it in there, at least for the top one. So I suggest having a second person help you out. Next, we want to torque all our hardware to the specifications in the instructions. Once you have all your hardware tightened and torqued to the specifications in the instructions, you can go ahead and remove your tape and you're ready to go. That'll do it for the look at and installation on the Draw Tite front mount trailer hitch receiver, part number 65063 on our 2018 RAM 3500.

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