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Draw-Tite Ball Mount Review - 2008 Dodge Nitro

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Review of the Draw-Tite Ball Mount on a 2008 Dodge Nitro

Today on our 2008 Dodge Nitro we'll be test fitting the Draw-Tite ball mount, part number 2923. Now the first thing we want to do is measure the hitch height on our vehicle. That's from the ground to the inside top edge of our receiver tube. Remember that the hitch height measurement will vary from vehicle to vehicle, depending on exact model, tires, and other after market parts. On this particular vehicle and this particular hitch we get a measurement of 16 3/4 inches. We'll go ahead and mount our ball mount first in the drop position.

Now this mount offers a two inch drop so that should put us at a ball platform height of 14 3/4 inches. Now we can go ahead and flip it over into the rise position. It offers a 3 1/4 inch rise so that should put us at 17 1/2 inches ball platform height. Now if your trailer coupler height matches either of those measurements, which is from the ground to the bottom edge of the coupler when the trailer is sitting level, then this would be a great ball mount to use. That's it for our test fit of the Draw-Tite ball mount, part number 2923, on our 2008 Dodge Nitro..