Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2013 Dodge Durango

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2013 Dodge Durango

Today on our 2013 Dodge Durango, we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the Draw-Tite Activator. This is a time delayed trailer brake controller designed for use with 1 to 2 axles. If you keep in mind the Activator is designed for use with electric brakes only, the Part Number is 5100. We're also going to be using the Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter this is Part Number 3045-P. Here's what the activator is going to look like installed on our vehicle. This is a time delayed set up, you can really mount it in any location you want.

Which can come in handy for some of those more challenging situations or mounting situations. You've got a controllable output right here. We go down to a minimum amount and as we apply that you can see a light is going to indicate here that we are putting out power to the rear. Then as we turn that up that light is going to get much more intense. If my big, fat fingers would stay out of the way you could see. That's much brighter now on high output, then much dimmer on a lower output.

The manual slide is going to allow us to hit the brakes on our trailer as we're heading down the road without activating, using our brake pedals here. The time delayed system doesn't require any vehicle inertia or anything like that to activate our brakes. We can use our brakes effectively at maximum power, whether we're standing, at a standing stop or whether we're at full speed going down the highway. We're going to have maximum effectiveness for our brakes anytime we hit that pedal it's going to go up to the maximum input we selected. Another great feature of the Activator is going to be the sync switch located here on the side. By moving this forward and rear, we're going to be able to adjust the aggressiveness in which our brake controller applies the brakes on our trailer.

For lighter loads on flatter terrain, we're going to turn that down some. As the loads get heavier and we get on a more hilly terrain, we'll turn that up to give us a little more security and a little more aggressive braking when we need it. Installation is going to begin by removing this decorative or cosmetic cover that's underneath the dash here, there's a couple of push pin fasteners that we'll take out. There, we'll get that one over here, that should just come down out of the way for us. That'll allow us access right up under the dash, set that aside. If we want to we can certainly re-install this, if not we don't have to.

Here's our parking brake lever, it comes up to a little white panel here. Right above that, we're going to see our grey connector, that's what we'll plug into our pigtail. To release it there's a little catch here on the bottom, we'll pull down on that and then just give it a push rearward and get it slid off. Once we've got that tab released, we'll just push it forward slightly. You see it's going to come right off there and be accessible. See that little tab, it'll be located right there, you just want to pull down on that tab and then that will allow you to slide it forward now. Now we can take the end of the pigtail, it will only slide in one way. Slide that in, you want to hear it click and then we'll push and pull just to make sure that it's nice and secure. All right. Let's get our bracket mounted here. As you can see, Activator is going to come with a 3 level bracket there, an adjustable bracket. Once we get it mounted where we want it we can bring it up as close as possible to our surface to keep it nice and clean looking. We can mount this virtually anywhere we want with it being a time delayed system. We could mount it upside down here in the firewall. Whatever the case is, wherever you want to put it you can. I like to have it accessible because it does have the manual controls on it so we can send power to the brakes if need be. I like this area right under here, it's a nice flat spot, it's going to be easy to get to. It's high enough up from the brake pedal, we're not going to have to worry about any interference or anything like that. I always prefer it down here and I hate to drill holes in the dashboard up here. Now the controller is going to come with the screws we're going to need, of course our bracket. We'll just get our . I'm going to use a little 1/4 inch self tapper, Phillip's screwdriver whatever you want. Get that put right up into position, bring your other one up and in. All right. Let's grab our brake controller, we're going to plug the controller right into our pigtail there. A couple of push-pulls, make sure everything is nice and secure and then we'll bring it right up into position. We'll take 2 more of the self tapping screws, let's get them started in the side. Then we'll just start to raise it up, I like to have it real nice and tight to the dashboard. I don't like a lot of extra room or anything, then we just tighten our 2 screws up. All right. Nice and secure, lever operates fine, now let's get our excess wiring attached. Secure it up underneath the dashboard here, there's a steering shaft that come in right here, there's a steering knuckle. Just behind that there's a black metal shaft, it doesn't rotate or turn so it can provide for a good connection point. We'll just use a long zip tie, we're going to go up and around that shaft, go around our wires there, then just bring our zip tie together. As we tighten that down you'll see it really sucks that wiring right up there underneath the dash. Then on this side right behind the brake pedal here, there's a really good cubby hole. The guys at Dodge must have known we we're going to use this pigtail. They wanted to provide us with a great location to hide it, we just tuck that back right in there, nice and secure. We'll come down around the brake pedal, no interference there. Let's just reach up in there and we can trim off our excess zip tie, just like that we're good to go. Let's hook up our trailer and make sure everything is working properly. That's going to complete today's install of the Draw-Tite Activator. A time delayed trailer brake controller for 1 to 2 axles, Part Number 5100, also using the Tekonsha Plug-In Wiring Adapter, Part Number 3045-P. All on our 2013 Dodge Durango. .

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