Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2012 Chevrolet Silverado we're going be installing the Draw-Tite activator. This is a trailer brake controller designed for use with one or two axles and it uses a time delayed set up. Part number is 5100. We're also going to be using part number 20127. This is the tow ready replacement wiring harness and we'll be able to connect that right into the truck's electronics. As we slide our bar in, we're going to have our red light indicating to right here that everything is working as it should. Right above that light and just to the right there's an output slide lever.

Sliding this left and right it will allow us to adjust our gain. Now we've got it on our highest setting, you're going to see how bright this red light gets now. When it's on its lower setting it's much more dim. We're going to start our install by getting our wiring harness from up here. This is our brake pedal, brake pedal arm comes up and it's going to be located just to the driver's side of that. If you can see there's a piece of white tape right here that's going to hold that in place.

We're going to cut that tape and pull those wires down to it. Here you can see once we get that cut off it's going to list what each of our wires are for so we'll want to hold on to that for reference. We then pull our wires down, as you can see we've got plenty of room to make some good connections here under our dash. Now we can start hooking up our harness. Our harness is labeled ground, stop, power and brake output. We just want to match that up with what we've got here and make sure we get it all done.

This says white is ground so we'll connect our white wire with our white wire. Our red wires are stops so that's going to be our brake switch wire. That's indicated by the blue and white wire here. Our blue wire here, which is our brake output wire, that goes into the dark blue our the aux or the auxiliary. The last one we've got to hook up is our power, that's going to be our black one here, power.

That runs to the red and black wire so that would be the one we've got right here. You do see the orange wire here. We're not going to be using this one so that's one that we'll kind of bundle up here then we'll kind of wrap it down with some black tape. Once we get done all we're going to be left with is a nice good looking wire loom there and then the plug end will go right into the back of the brake controller. With the wiring taken care of we're going to find a suitable place underneath our dash here to mount our bracket. There's a screw right here that we're going to take advantage of. That will give us a nice solid factory hole so we don't have to drill another hole and then we'll have a nice piece of plastic here we can make our other connection in. We can grab out controller and we'll plug it right into the pigtail that we installed, make sure that connects firmly, get it right up there where we want it. We'll just put one of our screws in each side to hold it. With them both snug down we'll get this pigtail, bring it right up here out of the way and zip tie it in. You can see just like that we can have our wires up out of the way there, nice and clean. Let me just trim off our excess zip tie. With everything working as it should that completes installation of the Draw-Tite activator, part number is 5100 on our 2012 Chevrolet Silverado. .

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