Dexter Trailer Suspension Kit Replacement Shackle Link with Bolts Installation - 2014 Heartland RV B

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How to Install the Dexter Trailer Suspension Kit Replacement Shackle Link with Bolts on a 2014 Hear

Speaker 1: Today on our 2014 Heartland Bighorn, we're gonna be installing Dexter Axle's replacement shackle link with bolts, part number 018-026-05. These replacement shackles are gonna be a great upgrade if you have any seized, rusted, or broken shackles.The bolts having a channel for grease to flow through, and zerks at the end mean you can frequently grease them and ensure that they have a long-lasting, smooth operation.To start our installation, I've gone ahead and removed the tires, so that's gonna make our installation significantly easier. We're gonna need to access our shackles here. I do also recommend that you put some jack stands underneath both of your axles to support those, just to ensure that when you take these bolts loose and pull our shackles out, that they don't drop down too far.We can now remove our old ones. We're gonna need an 11/16 socket and a 13/16 wrench. We'll remove the nuts off of our bolts.

We're gonna remove the remaining three. We'll need to remove the plates, so we're just gonna use a chisel of any kind of sort and a hammer to just knock those plates off. Once one side comes off, they'll just pull right off. Next we'll be able to remove both of our bolts from our suspension here. You may have to tap those out, as well.After you've removed one, we'll install our new one.

You don't wanna remove both, 'cause it could potentially cause the axles to drop down and move. It'll just make it easier this way. These can go in either way. You could have it facing this way or going this way. I'm gonna put mine in with the grease zerks facing towards the inside.

This way, they'll be easier to grease while the wheels are still on. This way, the wheel may block our fittings and make them difficult to grease.We're going to just insert these in the holes. You will likely need to pry them to get them to fit properly. We're just gonna pry them apart just a little bit, and it slides into place. We'll now put the other plate on.

You may have to pry this a little bit, too, just to get that to line up perfectly. We can install our flange nuts. Then we'll tighten those down using the same sized socket and wrench.With both of them installed, we can remove our jack stands. Then we'll grease each one. If you need some grease, you can pick some up here at The only thing to do now is to reinstall our tires.That completes our installation of Dexter Axle's replacement shackle link with bolts on our 2014 Heartland Bighorn.

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