Dexter 12 Inch Electric Trailer Brake Installation

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How to Install the Dexter 12 Inch Electric Trailer Brake

Today on our trailer, we're going to be installing the Dexter 12" Electric Brake Assembly for the left hand or drivers side, part number 23-180. The dimensions for our brake assembly are designed to fit a hub drum assembly 12" in diameter with 2" wide or thick. These are designed up a 7,000 pound axle rating and have a 5-bolt mounting flange for the wheel. For this application, the reason we're replacing the backing plate assembly and brakes is because the hardware has come free from the brake shoe, allowing it roll around inside, damaging the grease seal, and contaminating the shoe linings. To remove the backing plate and brake assemblies, take the 5 hold down nuts off of the studs that go through the axle. Now we'll pull the backing plate off the studs. Note before we can go too far we'll need to disconnect the brake wiring. To do that, I'm going to take a pair of side cutters and cut it right here. Now we'll prepare our wiring for the new backing plate assembly.

I'll strip back the wires and add the butt connector. To make this connection point, we're going to use the Deca Heat Shrink Butt Connector for 22- to 18-gauge wiring, part number DW05743-5. We'll need to heat up the shrinkage portion of the butt connector. Using our heat gun, we'll do that now. Note if you don't have a heat gun, you could also use a lighter or a butane torch. Keep in mind to keep your heat source moving so that you don't actually melt the wire. Once we have the butt connector sealed up, we'll put the wiring back inside the wire loom.

Then I'm going to use some black electrical tape to tape up the end of the wire loom and any of the butt connector that's exposed. The remaining portion of our wiring can get secured here inside the built-in wire holder. Now we're ready to put our backing plate into position over the studs and then secure it with the nuts that we removed earlier. With everything reinstalled and tightened down, we can reinstall the hub drum assembly, and we're ready to hit the road. That will complete our install of the Dexter left hand or drivers side backing plate brake shoe assembly, part number 23-180, for our trailer install. .

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