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Derale 4 Pass Tube Fin Power Steering Cooler Installation - 2006 Honda Pilot

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How to Install the Derale 4 Pass Tube Fin Power Steering Cooler on a 2006 Honda Pilot

Today on our 2006 Honda Pilot, we'll be installing the Derale 4-Pass Tube-Fin Power Steering Cooler, part number D13212. To begin our install, we've already gone ahead and removed the front fascia, and we're ready to start installing the new cooler. To begin installing the new cooler, we'll go ahead and take the hose provided with the cooler and slide it onto one of our inlets. There's no direction to this cooler, so it doesn't matter which side install the hose onto. Once we have the hose onto the inlet, we'll take the clamp, slide it up into position, and tighten it down. Next I'm going to take the other side of the hose and slide it onto the other side of our cooler and secure it with the hose clamp provided. Now with our hose on the cooler, we need to set the cooler in place. We're going to attach the cooler directly to the front AC condenser here behind the manufacturer's power steering cooler line.

To secure the cooler to the AC condenser, we'll use the push rod clips and pins, pushing it through the new cooler, through the condenser, then through the radiator, and securing on the backside with the clip. Note: To protect the fins of the radiator, before we install the clip we'll insert the foam pad provided with the install kit and secure the pad between the clip and the radiator. Once we have it secured, we'll cut off the excess from the pin and repeat the same process for our second attachment point. Note: We'll use our push rod on a cross diagonal, so one may end up behind the radiator fan and can be difficult to see. Now let's move back to the new cooler. We'll go ahead and take our hose that we installed onto the cooler and cut to length. We'll need enough length on one side that it will run up to the power steering reservoir and the other side we're going run directly to the manufacturer's cooler line.

Once we have our cut made, let's go ahead and remove the hose from the cooler lines. We'll loosen the clamp, slide it out of the way. We can then go ahead and remove the line that runs from the cooler up to the reservoir. Note: As you remove this line, it will be full of fluid. We're go ahead and put our thumb over it and prep the new hose before we remove it using a little spray lubricant, making it easier to install onto the manufacturer's line. Once in place, we'll again take the clamp provided and secure the new hose to the manufacturer's line.

We'll then follow the manufacturer's hose that we removed from the line up to the reservoir and remove it. We can reuse the manufacturer's hold-downs for the new hose as we route it up to the cooler, cut it to length, slide our clamp onto the new hose, and then the new hose onto the reservoir. Once in place, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Just like that, we've gone ahead and installed and secured the cooler, the new hose, and we'll top off our fluid as necessary. Now we can go ahead and reinstall the front fascia, resecuring with the manufacturer's fasteners. Note: If your vehicle's equipped with front fog lights, make sure you reconnect them. Just like that, we've completed the install of the Derale 4-Pass Tube-Fin Power Steering Cooler, part number D13212, on our 2006 Honda Pilot. .

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