Derale Dyno-Cool Transmission Cooler Installation - 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install a Derale Dyno-Cool TranSMIssion Cooler on a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

Today in our 2002 Chevy Silverado, we'll be installing the Derale Dyno Cool Tube-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit part number D12904.To begin our install, we'll first go ahead and open up the hood and then remove the core support cover. Core support cover is a plastic cover that goes over the core support and held in with push pin fasteners. Using a flat blade screw driver, we'll inaudible 00:00:26 the fastener up and then remove it completely. There are multiple fasteners holding it in place. This is a twist lock connecter. We'll go ahead and rotate it. Unlocking it, we remove the fastener from the position that's being secured.

Now we have 3 additional twist lock fasteners removed, 1 on the top on the other side and 1 on the bottom of each corner. Then, we'll remove the center fastener which is a bolt fastener going into the core support. Now, we have 2 remaining fasteners out on the corners on each side. You can use a flat blade screw driver, an interior trim panel tool or you're going to a use a little plastic pry bar. Now that we've released all the fasteners, we can go ahead and remove the grill completely and set aside for reinstallation later. Now for this application, the manufacturer already has a small external cooler installed so we can test the lines to find out our hot and cold side if we want to install the new cooler in series or in line with the manufacturer's cooler.

To do that, we're going to start the vehicle. As we start the vehicle and the transmission fluid warms up, we'll feel the steel line to see which one heats up first. Now for this application, the line here on the passenger side is our hot or pressure side and the driver side is the cool or low pressure side. Now we've identified which line we're going to tap into, we'll need to mount the cooler. To prepare mounting our cooler, we'll go and set it in position here in front of the radiator and AC condenser. Give myself a little more working room, we're going to ahead and cut a notch into the pre-drilled hole so we can slide it more to towards the center of the vehicle. We're going to cut out this section right here.

Now you could use a cutoff wheel or even a pair of tin snips will get through this plate. Now my cutout made, I'll go ahead and set it in position and install my fastener here in the frame bracket right here below the pre-drilled hole into the steel to help hold it in place. Just using a self-tapping screw, we'll go ahead and secure our cooler into position. Now with our fastener holding our cooler, we'll need to add some bracketing to secure the other 4 corners. We're going to use the Derale universal bendable mounting kit part number D13002. We can take the bendable mounting bracket, put it in a position and then bend it as necessary so we can secure our cooler.

I'm going to go ahead and take one of the self threaders provided with the install kit to secure the top of my bracket. Now with my mounting bracket secured, we'll go ahead and flex the cooler and bracket to line up with the pre-drilled hole. Once we have them lined up, I'm going to install a bolt and flange nut to hold in place. We'll just install it finger tight this time. For the bottom one, we'll go ahead and take our bracket, bend it in position. We're going to install our bolt and flange nut on the bottom of the cooler, then secure the bracket here to the headlight support. We'll need a pre-drilled hole here in the bottom support bracket. To drill out our hole, we're going to use a smaller inaudible 00:04:54 and then open up to our larger size using step bit process. Now before I install my fourth and final bracket because we've already got our hole pre-drilled out, I'm going to go ahead and remove the fasteners that are securing it so that we can install the oil cooler hose and then reinstall it and then finally secure it. Now, install the new lines provided with our install kit onto the end we'll go ahead and remove the protective cover and then we're going to apply a little bit of the transmission fluid to the end of the tip and the hose to help it slide on easier. Once we have the hose in place, we can then go ahead and secure with the hose clamp provided with the install kit. Now on this application where I put my hose onto the other side, we'll go ahead and feed it through the hood release bracket here. This will allow me to get my cooler back into position and mount it before we disconnect the manufacturer's cooler lines. Now with my hose routed, go ahead and install the clamp. Then we'll install our second hose onto our new cooler. Once we have the hose on, we go and tighten down our line. Now with the line tighten down, we'll go ahead and install the cooler and secure it in its position. I won't fully tighten down the bolts and nuts until we have them all in place. As we see here, the pre-drilled holes in our bracket do not line up with the pre-drilled holes and the mounting clamps for the cooler so we'll just take a couple of self-tapping screws and go through the bracket then through the cooler clamp. We use a self-tapping screw provided with our bracket kit. With our first fastener in place, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process with the second fastener. Now, go back and tighten 3 bolts and nut fasteners. Now with all the fasteners tightened down, we'll go ahead and check to make sure our cooler is secured. Once we're confident it's secured, we'll then go ahead, move over to our hose and transmission cooler line. With this application, we can remove the manufacturer's quick disconnect fitting. To do that, well first, you need to remove the protective cover holding the clip in place on the manufacturer's side. Over-tying this can become brittle so we'll be very gentle with the plastic clip. Once we have it removed, we can see a smaller metal clip underneath. We'll need to remove this clip in order to remove the line from the cooler. Now, the snap ring out of the way, we're ready to remove the manufacturer's transmission cooler line from the cooler. As you can notice, over time, the line will build up rust dust here and debris and can be difficult to remove. Then, we'll go ahead and work a pick around the fitting just to try and break some of that rust loose. Then, we'll tap the line out. Now with all line out, we'll go ahead and put our new fitting in place. For GM vehicles part D13035, then we can install the snap ring to hold in position. We'll reuse the manufacturer's snap ring that we removed earlier. Next, we'll take the plastic clip off the old line install it under the new fitting. Now with our new fitting in place, we'll have our 2 connection points for the new hoses to fit. Now, we can go and take the hose, route it, mark it and cut the line. Using a pair of tin snips, we'll go ahead and cut the hose to fit. Go ahead and check my routing and before we install it under the new fitting, we'll install our hose clamp. Once the hose clamps on, we can put the hose onto the fitting. Move it into place and then tighten down our hose clamp. With 1 side down, we'll repeat the same process with the other side. We'll route it over to the fitting or in this case, the manufacturer's line. Once we got it routed, go ahead and slide our hose clamp on and then put the new hose onto the manufacturer's line. Because of the flaring in the line, there's no need to make any adjustments. Once we get our hose onto the line, we'll then go ahead, tighten down our hose clamp. Now to help protect our hoses that goes around the cooler here, we're going to install the spectrum half inch wire loom part number 459075-1 and we're going to use about 10 to 12 inches of the wire loom. Next, we'll go ahead and use some zip ties to secure the hoses as necessary. Now we have the hoses secured, we'll go ahead and cut off the excess from zip ties to clean up our install look. At this point, its a good idea to go ahead and start the vehicle, warm it up, bring it up to operating temperature and pressure and check for any leaks. At that time, you can also tap off the transmission fluid as needed. All right. Now that we've checked for leaks, we're ready to go and reinstall the grill. Now we've put our grill back in place, we'll just resecure with the manufacturer's fasteners. Then our front core support cover. Now that we have everything reinstalled, this complete the install the Derale Dyno Cool Tube-Fin Transmission Cooler Kit part number D12904 for our 2002 Chevy Silverado. .

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