DeeZee Low-Profile Crossover Style Toolbox Review - 2016 Ford F-250

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Review of the DeeZee Low-Profile Crossover Style Toolbox on a 2016 Ford F-250

Today on our 2016 Ford F-250, we're going to be doing a test of the DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox, part number DZ8170L. First thing we're going to want to do is to open up the bed of our truck. Truck down that tailgate, so we can lift our toolbox into the bed. Now, with its aluminum lightweight construction, it's going to be easy to put it in the place. Simply set it across the front of your truck bed. It's going to offer that low profile design.

It's going to be sleek and stylish on the back of your vehicle. It's got two handles, one on the either side. It can be opened from either side. Is going to have those hydraulic shocks to assist the opening, and fully weathered tight seal going around the inside lid. Now, those locks are going to be heavy-duty on the inside, which is going to add to the safety and security of anything that you may have inside, also comes with your mounting hardware.

Now, this will go through the holes drilled on either side. Just look on your installation instructions to find out the best place to mount your hardware. Go ahead and untrend, place through our J-hook from the bottom side, underneath the bed rail to come up through that whole. Then, take your flat washer, your nut, and secure it down. Now, that's going to have two little rubber knobs that will go over the top to protect it against coming down, or maybe the shock, or the top, hitting down on the top. On the inside, you're going to have a removable tray.

There you can place your items, that you're going to want to use, or get out quickly anytime you may need them. Another cool feature about the inside tray is it's going to have a ruler on either side. You are going to have your metric on one side and your standards on the other. Just a handy little tool in case you need it. Close it up and secure it with one of the two keys provided.

With it being fully locked, your items will be nice and secure on the back end of your truck. That will do it for our test rate of the DeeZee Red Label Truck Bed Toolbox, part number DZ8170L on our 2016 Ford F-250 Crew Cab.

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