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DeeZee Tailgate Assist Lowering System Installation - 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the DeeZee Tailgate Assist Lowering System on a 2014 Dodge Ram Pickup

All right, today's 2014 Dodge Ram pick up, we're going to start with part number DZ43301. This is DZ's tailgate assist. We're going to show the tailgate before and after. This is before. All right, the first thing we need to do is go ahead and open the tailgate and look for the hole that's built into your tailgate near the pivot point. We need to install 2 fittings.

The first fitting will install right here. This gold part here is going to be the fitting installed into the truck. Now this is called inaudible 00:00:36 and the rest of this is a inaudible 00:00:38 tool. Now in our package this came already pre-assembled but you want to take one measurement to make sure it's correct before you use it. You want to make sure from this washer right here to the top of the head of the bolt is about 3/4 of an inch. Next we'll use a half millimeter Allen wrench and 10 millimeter wrench. What's going to happen is we're going to install this inside and tighten down the inaudible 00:00:59 tool and this will all expand on the inside.

We'll go ahead and use our Aleen wrench to hold the bolt steady and push in, and then we'll go ahead and tighten down this nut about 9 turns. After you reach about 9 turns go ahead and back off the nut, and we should be able to remove this bolt here. I'm just going to reinstall the tool and we'll use it to make sure it's tight. Looks like we're good to go. Now we're going to install this ball mount right here. We'll apply some thread locker that comes with the kit, and we'll go ahead and run that in and torque it down roughly about 8 foot pounds.

Now when this nut is fully installed the thread should catch just a little bit, then thread on in. Our next fitting to install will be right here. We have to remove the cable, pick up the tailgate a little bit to get into the slot, and then we'll remove this bolt. Now the tool that it comes with may or may not work with this bolt. The instructions do state that you may need a T45 torque. Pull as tight as you can get, it's probably just as easy to go ahead and do it this way.

Our second fitting will get installed right here. The original bolt will go right through it. Basically it's right back into place. Now we'll go ahead and reinstall our cable, and we'll check our shock here and then this end will go on top of this ball. It just snaps into place. We'll pull out the other end to go to this fitting here. Next we need to go to the other end of the tailgate cable, remove the bolt for that, and remove the motion limiter; this little thin piece of metal here, this keeper. You just need to pry it up a little bit. Grip it with some pliers or some needle nose pliers,and we should be able to back the bolt out like if it was in a nut. Put that to the side and reassemble. Make sure the cable is fully secure at the bolt. One of the last things we need to do is go ahead and install a cable clamp. We'll measure from about right here about 3 1/2 inches down. We simply clip this onto our cable. We use a pair of pliers to do that with. When you get it started you can actually push it into place. All right, everything is installed. Let's try it out. Inaudible 00:04:08 resistance, you can push up but not much, but it adds resistance going down. You can see it works pretty good, and we're finished. That'll do it for part number Dz43301 from DZ on our 2014 Dodge Ram pick up. .



this device adds resistance in letting the tailgate down but does it ASSIST in putting UP the tailgate? in video, you said adds some resistance going up. is this correct that it makes it even more difficult to put up tailgate?

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


This product is designed to control the lowering of the tailgate, and it will add a slight bit of resistance to raise the tailgate but not much. If you would like a device that is intended to assist in raising your tailgate we do offer the # 74211 . You can enter your vehicle info in the Custom Fit Product section to see if this will work for your specific truck.



How much is it????

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


The price of this product is listed below the product title that is just below the video. This is also a hyper link to the product page that offers additional details about this product.

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