DeeZee Truck Bed Mat Review - 2019 GMC Canyon

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Review of the DeeZee Truck Bed Mat on a 2019 GMC Canyon

Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today we have a 2019 GMC Canyon, and we're going to do a test fit of the Deezee custom fit truck bed mat. Now, this is a mat that has been designed to custom fit the linings of your truck bed for your GMC Canyon. This is going to be a really good addition. So if you frequently haul rocks, gravel, or even just have a bunch of tools in here at one time, this is going to protect your truck bed from any type of scratches or dents.Now, this mat is really heavy duty.

It's got a three-eighths inch thick rubber construction that just makes it really durable. What's really nice is that the rubber is going to be non-slip, meaning if you have a cooler, a toolbox sitting in the bed of your truck, there's nothing that's really going to cause it to shift at all, whether you're taking a sudden 90 degree turn, maybe had to slam on your brakes all of a sudden, or even had to accelerate.You can see how it really lines the contours of our truck bed very well at the wheel wells, at the top corners, and at the back towards our tailgate as well. Just coming around, making sure it covers as much of the bed as possible. The bottom of our mat's going to have a lot of these nibs right here. These are going to help make sure it doesn't shift at all in our truck bed.

So you can see when I just give it some slight tugs and pulls, it's not really budging. It takes a lot of force to be able to move it even slightly. That's just going to make sure it stays put even when there's nothing on top of it.Now, Deezee designed this mat to be very heavy duty. I know I've said that already, but I just wanted to speak to it a little bit more. It's not going to crack or fade over time, even in extreme temperatures or exposure to the sun.

And what's nice is that it's also going to resist most chemical spills. So it's going to be around for the long haul.Install is a breeze. I started in by just unrolling it out of the packaging and just laying it out in the sun. Any bows that are in the mat will be flattened out by the heat of the sun. So we'll just fold it up, get it installed into our bed.

Just make sure you line it up correctly. Make sure it lines everything correctly and that'll do it. From here, you're ready to load up your truck bed and then hit the road.Well, thank you all for watching, but that's going to do it for our look at the Deezee custom fit truck bed mat on our 2019 GMC Canyon.

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