Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Today on our 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, we're going to be installing the Curt Venturer Time Delayed Trailer Brake Controller. This works for one up to three axles. Its part number is C51110. We're also going to be using the Curt Dual Plugin Custom Wiring Adapter, part number C51451. Here's what the venturer looks like once we get it installed. We're going to have an easy to read and easy display style screen here.

This is what they call a time relay or a time delayed brake controller. As we slow down, we hit the brakes, this is going to slowly add power to those rear brakes for us, which is adjustable into how quickly or how slowly. There's a sync button right here on this side, and that's going to adjust how quickly or how slowly we get up to our maximum setting. That setting, we control here on the front. You can see I've got it in high setting now. Those bars are going to go all the way across indicating maximum power being sent to the rear.

If we're to move that down a little bit, you can see now we're going to get basic power. It's great that this is adjustable. This is going to allow us to customize the brake feel we're getting to the rear. We'll look into the instructions, it's going to give us certain parameters of the weight of the trailer versus weight of the vehicle to tell you how to get this set up. What it's going to do, is when we've got a .. I apologize for the ding.

We have to turn the ignition on. When we have it at its low setting and we apply our brake, it slowly going to build up to whatever our maximum power setting is, whether it's high as you see it there or whether we turn that down just a little bit. It's going to go right up to the max that we've got set for it and stop it. If we turn that sync into a higher setting, it's going to more rapidly get there. Here we're going to start full braking power more quickly, which we can again customize that for the load that we're hauling. Now, the venturer comes will all the hardware that you need to get it installed.

Curt makes plenty of nice pigtails that can really help you to adjust it. We use the Chevy pigtail here today, but you could do it for a Dodge or Chrysler, whatever kind of pigtail you need. There's probably one available for you. The wiring diagram is easy to follow. Now, we're going to start by installing our pigtail. To do that, we're going to remove the black cover of this box. There will be one clip on the inside here and two on the outside. That one on the inside can be tricky to get to in there, so I just, like I did, used a little pick, just went in there and pulled out on that tab. We're going to see right here, we've got the plug-in space where we take our brake controller pigtail and put that right in. With that clipped into place, let's route that pigtail up towards the top. That's where it's going to exit out box. We'll go around the wire a little. Just like that. I just put it behind that black piece of wire there and now we'll replace the cover on our box. You can see the top of it is open, so plenty of room. Pigtail's in, let's get our brake controller set. Now, it's time to mount our bracket. I like going under the dash here. We're going to be using the connection point right here. With this being a time-delayed system, our mounting options are pretty much limitless. We can put this on any angle anywhere we want it in the vehicle, just to secure our controller. I'd recommend here on the left side of the dash, stay away from this area, because when you come out, your knees rotate in front and sometimes it wants to hit it. That's up to you though if you want it there. If that's where you like it, that's where you put it. Here's the factory screw, I'm just going to remove that. I love being able to use these sometimes. We'll bring our bracket in over the top of that. See how we're going behind that plastic tab Get our screw started and I'm going to pull it to where that screw's right in the middle. We're just going to use one heavy duty connection point here rather than using several or two. You do have self-tappers that'll come with the kit that you can use to mount into your other panels. When there's a good factory location there, I'm always apt to use that. The kit's also going to be coming with two flat tip self-tapping screws. These are for actually mounting our controller. What we'll do to mount the controller is just to plug it into our pigtail here, push/pull to make sure it's good. Bring our controller right around and flip up those screws we talked about, through the bracket and through the controller on both sides. Now let's just tighten these down a little bit. Let's secure our excess pigtail up. I think there'll be a good spot right up there. We'll go around that wire room. We'll just trim of the excess there. It's perfect, not in our way, easy to get to still to operate. With everything working as it should, that's going to complete today's installation of the Curt Venturer Time Delayed Trailer Brake Controller. This works for one up to three axles. Its part number is C51110. On our 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. .

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