Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2013 Ford F-150

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2013 Ford F-150

Today, we're going to show you part number 51110 from Curt. This is the Venturer Trailer Brake Controller. Now also to help us with our install, because our brake controller is going to plug in to the factory tow package port underneath the dash, we'll be using part number C51436. This is the Curt Custom Wiring Adapter for Trailer Brake Controllers. Here's the brake controller we have mounted in our truck. We'll go ahead cover some of the features and controls. First off, this is your manual override on your trailer.

This controls the brakes only on your trailer. On top here, there's a little slide switch right here. This controls total output. If we move it all the way to the left and we pushed our brake lever, you can see you only have one bar. If you push it all the way towards the right, you'll get full output from the brake controller.

This limits the amount of output and also, if you hold it over or hold the brake pedal, you can go ahead and control the total output with the bar. You can see how much output instantaneously by holding either your brake pedal or the little brake button. One other thing, now you can also control how soon it comes on. There's a little slide switch on the side. Pull it all the way towards the back and I'll hit the brake pedal. You can see how slow it comes on, so it will be less aggressive.

Then we can push it all the way forward, comes on relatively fast. You can adjust that somewhere in between, to your liking, depending on how heavy a trailer it is, and just how you want it. This is a time delayed device, which means you can mount this in any position you want. This is a traditional position, but if you wanted to, you could mount it upside down if you wanted, off to the side, or even somewhere else on the dashboard. This will control on trailers with one to three brake axles. Now we'll go ahead and continue on to the install.

Now our tow package port is actually located right behind this pocket right here, so to get access behind the pocket, we need to take off this entire panel here. This control knob and this vent will all come off with the panel as well. We'll go back down to the bottom, we can gently pull it out. Sometimes you may need a screwdriver to help pop it loose along the edges. There it is. This corner up on top can be a little bit on the tight side so if you can flex it around a little bit it will help remove it. There's a little hidden clip right here that we use a plastic pry bar to break loose. You can use a screwdriver, but it will beat up the finish. If you can get one of these, it'll help out a lot. There we go. It's a little tight up in there to work it around. It's just an edge that goes all the way around it, just overlaps. Disconnect the electrical right here, there's a small tab you have to push down and then pull it apart, and we'll just set this to the side. Now we need to unbolt the little cup right here, or if you've got small enough hands you can reach in and pull it out and disconnect it, but it will be easier to take out the two bolts. Now we're going to need a 7 millimeter socket to remove these screws. Here's our plug, just push down on the tab, comes right apart. We'll set our pocket to the side. We'll go ahead and add our adapter cord to this. As you can see, our cord has two ends. This end will go into the Curt Venturer Brake Controller and this will go into the factory tow package. Push together until it clicks and then we're going to take the cord and we're going to route it out towards the bottom. Kind of angle it this way, so we get access to it. Okay, we'll pull out the bottom, let that set for now and we can go ahead and reassemble our dashboard. Go ahead and fish out our cord and plug it back into our panel. Just go ahead and work it back into place. It kind of catches on this little tab right here, so you got to make sure you have that out of the way and push it all back together. We have our adapter cord ready to go. Now at this point, it's a personal preference of where to locate the brake controller. Typically it's going to be on the bottom of our dash or maybe up in here. I think we're going to mount our brake controller on the bottom and there's a nice little flat edge right here we can use, so we'll go ahead and use the provided fastener, which is a sheet metal screw that uses a quarter inch bit. It comes with two different screws. One has a point and one does not. I want to use the one with the point, because the other ones are used to hold the brake controller in place. I'm just going to hold my bracket up, push it over to the side. We'll install one screw and then we'll double check our alignment to where we want it. Looks good, over just a little bit so we'll have room for the screwdriver on this side, then we'll install our second screw. We'll tighten the first one. These little bushings on the bracket, nice little touch, it helps adjust when you tighten down the brake controller, we can move it up and down as needed. Let's get the other screws and we'll install our brake controller. Here's our screw without the tip. Let's go ahead and put our brake controller into place. I'm actually going to use a little bit holder, quarter inch opening for our driver. Okay, one side is done, do the other side. Before we tighten it down, we'll double check to make sure we have easy access to our gain control on top, so if you can get your finger in there, we should be good to go. Then we'll tighten down our screws for good. Once we have it secure, we'll go ahead and take our plug here for our brake controller, we'll plug into our adapter cord. Push the two together until they click, you can see this tab move. All right, then it's just a simple matter of just finding some zip ties, those will come with the kit. We'll just hide our wires up behind the dash. All right, with our wires zip tied, we're ready to go and since our truck has a factory tow package there are no other parts to install. That will finish it for our install of the Curt Venturer Brake Controller. .

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