Curt Double Lock Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 350

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How to Install the Curt Double Lock Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch on a 2018 Chevrolet Sil

Today in our 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500, you're going to be taking a look at and show you how to install the Curt double-lock flip and store under-bed gooseneck hitch with installation kit. This is what our under-bed gooseneck hitch looks like when it's installed. As you can see, everything is underneath the bed. Our safety chain loops or rings, hold-down rings, are in the lower of the corrugation. Our center head piece or center section for our under-bed gooseneck is also .. It sits level with our raised corrugation.This is going to give us total bed access for putting anything in and out.

We're not going to worry about it hitting on it or it giving it an offset look. With our kit, you're also going to get a two-and-five-sixteenths ball. On the inside of your head or inside of your center section, there's going to be a pin in there. On the side of your ball, you can see it has grooves in it. That pin is there so when you drop this in, this won't drop all the way through.

So then like that, then we'll lock our handle into place or locking pin into place. It'll hold it in place. When we want to store it, simply pull it out, flip it over, and it'll store it down inside out of the way, again, giving us total bed access.We're going to have a nice cap that's going to cover our gooseneck hole to keep any dirt and debris from getting into there. As far as our tow capacities with the hitch and the ball, we're going to have a 30,000-pound gross trailer weight, which is the trailer plus the load included. We're going to have that 7,500 pound vertical load limit, which is straight up and down on the ball.

Our safety chain loops are going to be U-bolts that are spring loaded, to hold and stay tight up against the bed. What's going to set this hitch apart from others Some of the other ones you're going to have to measure.Once you measure, you drill your holes hoping you got your measurement correct. With this one, you put on your frame rails, put on your cross members, and it's going to have a template you put on the bottom. You drill a pilot hole through the bed and that's going to be the center of your gooseneck hole. It's also going to come with all the necessary hardware, and there's going to be minimal drilling required to get it installed.

We're going to have a large center section. It's going to attach the two cross members underneath the bed. Cross members are going to span from frame rail to our frame rail, and you see they're going to be attached by eight bolts on each side or four bolts on each side, eight bolts total.These are going to be your spring loaded safety chain loops. They're above the bed. You're going to have a double pin or double-locking pin that's going to help keep your ball from moving. The double pin is going to secure it much better than a single pin. When we want to remove our ball or flip it over, somebody pull the pin and you can lock the pin out. You'll pull the handle out, turn it to the side, and it'll lock on the outside of that hole. When you want to lock it into place, you simply just turn your handle and let it go.Another nice thing about this hitch is our handle can actually be installed on either side of the vehicle. Our frame brackets, our cross members and our center section are all going to have a black powder coat finish that's going to resist any rust or corrosion. Another great addition to your gooseneck would be an in-bed wiring kit. Hopkins' Endurance fifth wheel gooseneck 90-degree wiring harness with seven-pole plug would work great to keep all of your wiring inside the bed of the truck while you're pulling your trailer.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get it installed. First thing we need to do is start your installation. Go ahead and remove your spare tires. Next, we need to remove our heat shields. Half-inch socket. We're going to have two bolts here for the heat shield for our spare tire. Then for this one up here, we're going to have one bolt here. We're going to have a couple that run along the top of our frame rail, and then we're going to have one right back across that cross brace or on top of that cross brace there.Next, our cross members that we're putting underneath the bed, we're going to have threaded holes in them. We need to take a half-inch by 13 tap and clean out the threads so that our hardware will go through. Once you're done cleaning them out, I suggest taking a little bit of spray lubricant, make sure the threads are clean, take one of your bolts, and you'll be able to hand thread that in there. You want to make sure that you can do that with each one of the holes on both brackets or both frames. Next, we're going to take our cross member.This one is just solid. This one's going to be the one all the way to the back. We're going to slide it in like this. Notice the holes are closer to one side. Once we get it in, we're going to expand the two rails or two frame rails. We're going to take our bolts, and we're going to turn them so that it's sitting like this underneath our bed. Just get it a little bit across. We'll go ahead and get our next one in. This one is going to be our front one. Do you see how this notch right here is cut out This is going to be for our fuel tank, so it's going to go on our driver side again.Hole's closer to the bottom. When we get it in, we're going to flip it up like this. Slide this one in towards the front of the vehicle, making sure that that notch is going over to the side with the gas tank. Flip it like that. inaudible 00:05:33 just like that. Next, we're going to install our side brackets. You can see we're going to have two brackets, one for each side, and they're going to have flanges like this. These flanges going to go towards the front of the vehicle. They're going to be installed on the outside of each frame rail.The two brackets, this bracket and this bracket is going to span between our two cross members that we installed, so we'll be using this hole and this hole in our frame rail. We're going to take our large carriage bolt, spacer block, and our pull wire. For this hole, we can go straight back. There's a hole in the back or the inside of the frame that we can go through, and this hole we can go through, and there's a hole on the backside of the frame rail, inside of the frame rail that we can go through. Spring in, we're going to pass it through and go all the way through to the other side.We'll thread on our carriage bolt and our spacer block so you can see how it's in each thread. Make sure it's not doubling over because it's hard to get it through the hole with this on it, and let's pass your spacer block through first and then your bolt. Make sure you leave your pull wire on, and we're going to do the same thing with this hole. Next, we'll get our pull wires through the corresponding holes in our brackets. We'll slide into place. You're going to remove your pull wire. Once you get your pull wire off, you're going to take your large flange nuts and install it over the ball.With our hex bolt, you're going to put a lock washer and a flat washer on. We're going to slide our cross members up against the front and the back of our bracket. Once you get those installed, I'm going to do the same thing on the other side. We've everything loose for now until we install our center section. Actually, you're going to have a template, looks like this. It's got to have an F with an arrow. This is going to be your hole for your center for your gooseneck. What we're going to do is we're going to take one of our bolts, F and arrow towards the front. Want this flat side up against the bottom of the bed. Put it in there.Once you get your bracket in place, we're going to drill a small hole right through there, and I'll take a drill bit. Small drill bit, small enough to go through that hole. We're going to drill straight up through the bed of the truck. Once you're done drilling your pilot hole, you can then remove your template. Now, we're going to take a four-inch hole saw bit. What I'm doing is using a piece of plywood that has a four-inch hole cut in it. This is going to help keep my blade centered and keep it from jumping around.One thing I would suggest is take the backside of your leg and put it up against the drill bit or the drill, because what this is going to do when it starts grabbing that metal, it's going to kick that sideways, and you can get hurt. Now I suggest once you get the hole cut out, take a file and file off the edges to get any of the burrs off. Clean number two. We want to take some paint and want to cover up this bare metal to reduce the risk of rust or corrosion or later on. Now, we've got our center section into place. You'll notice that the hole is closer to one side. That's going to be towards the back, the short side is.So we'll go over top of our exhaust. That side up just like that. Then for hardware, we're going to use a hex bolt, lock washer and a flat four. We'll go ahead and get one put on both sides here on each side. Hold it in place while we'll install the remaining hardware. We're going to have a rubber ring that goes right along this edge. Then we're going to have a glue in the inside of it just with the side. Once you get the rubber ring on, center this inside of the hole, and you're going to have a chrome plate, and sit down just like that. Going to install that.Then we'll take a three-quarter-inch socket. I would suggest using a swivel. It's going to make it a little bit easier in a long extension. We'll tighten all of our hardware for the center section first. Then we're going to torque it to the specifications in the instructions. Once you have your center section torqued down, you want to come outside and torque your side plates to the frame rails next, and you're going to torque them to the specifications in the instructions.Once you have your side plates tightened and torqued, then you're going to tighten and torque the two bolts holding your cross members onto your side brackets. Next, we need a drill lock for our safety change. You'll notice there's four holes on each side. We want to use two holes in the lower of the corrugation, so you can see this low corrugation here falls for inside of these two holes here. So these are the ones we're going to be drilling into. We need to open these holds up to a half inch. What I'm going to do is I'm going to try to drill right up through the center like this with a small drill bit.Then I'll go up top and either use my half-inch up there or a step bit. Step bit usually works pretty good where you can open the hole just a little bit more and it helps your U-bolt slide in and out pretty easily. I'm going to use a step bit to finish up my holes. I'm going to go to at least a half inch. That's what we wanted to inaudible 00:12:22. Same thing with these two. Now, we'll put our springs on. I'm going to start with a flat washer, a spring, another flat washer, and then I'll lock it up. We're going to do that same thing with this one and these two over here.We want to tighten these toward the head of the bolt. It's flush with the outside edge of the nut. Now, we're going to install our handle. First, we're going to start by taking your handle. You're going to have guide holes here on the center section. You're going to slide through the two holes. You're going to take your locking pin, slide it into your center section like that for your handle. Put on a flat washer. Once you're through the second hole, slide on your spring. You notice there's a hole right there in the handle. We're going to line up with that hole there. Then you're going to have a small nut and bolt and hold it in place.We'll tighten that into place and we're ready to go. Once you get the small bolt tightened, go ahead and reinstall your heat shield by your spare tire, and you're ready to go. That'll do it for the look at and installation on the Curt double-lock flip and store under-bed gooseneck hitch with installation kit on our 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

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