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Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2013 Gmc Sierra - Curt

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How to Install a Gooseneck Trailer Hitch on a 2013 Gmc Sierra

Today, on this 2013 GMC Sierra, we're going to install part number C607-604 from Curt. Now, we can go ahead and show you how it works. We pull out the handle and twist it towards the front and the body-locking pin will move to side and hit a stop. That will keep it open. Then, you can go ahead and take the ball and remove it or install it as needed. When you need to lock it in place for towing, just pull out a little bit, rotate the handle back towards the ground and then just let it go.

It will spring back into place. Now also, we can take our hitch ball and when it's not needed, we can go ahead and flip it upside down and keep it stored in the hitch. Now, we'll go ahead with the install. To start our install, we're going to remove the rear wheels from the axle and then, we will also lower the spare tire out of our way. Now, this doesn't have to be done, but next thing is a lot easier to see and work with. At this point, we'll go ahead and loosen up the exhaust as well.

We'll go ahead and spray down the rubber exhaust hangers and pry them off as need. We'll removed or unbolt four rubber hangers from the frame. This will give us extra working room when we need to install the hitch. Next, inaudible 00:01:27 ahead and remove the fender wall 00:01:28 liner on both sides of the truck. There will be three plastic fasteners on top.

There'll be four screws total for each liner. Now, we'll just go ahead and pop it out from the body work and just set it aside for now. Next inaudible 00:02:13 remove is a section of a heat shield from underneath the truck. This is going to be a section between the center of the axle and just passed the shock tower mount on the driver side. We'll use a cutting wheel to make our initial cut and then, we'll finish up tin snips from parts that we can't get access to. We'll go ahead and remove it.

Next, we can go ahead and start installing the cross arms for the hitch. We'll start off with the rear cross arm, lying horizontal, slide between the frame and the bed of the truck. Once we have it in place, we'll go ahead and take it and rotate it up. Now, we're going to go ahead and install the front cross bar. Now, you notice, there's a notch made into the cross bar to make sure you have the right one. Once again, we'll go ahead and slide it in and rotate it up in position. We'll leave it alone for now. Next, we'll go ahead and install the side plates. These are the parts that go against the frame. First, we'll install our hardware. We're going to install a 5/8 carriage bolt and a block. We'll also use the provided bolt leader to install them. Starting on the forward hole, we'll go take a bolt leader, we'll run it through the access hole inside of the frame. Next, we'll thread in our block, push it into the frame and then throw in our bolt. We'll install the bolt head first into the frame. Then, we'll go ahead and pull out through our hole. We'll leave the bolt leader in place and we're going to repeat the same process for the hole going towards the back of the truck. Now, our access hole will be on the back side of the frame. Once again, we'll install the bolt and the plate and bring it through, and we'll lead the bolt leader in place. Next, thread the bolt leaders to the side bracket and then to the frame. Then we'll install the 5/8 flange nuts. We'll run those down just finger tight for now. We're done with our passenger side, let's go ahead and repeat the same process over on the driver side. Once they're loosely installed to the frame, next, we'll go ahead and install the hardware that goes from the crossbars to the plates. We'll use a half inch bolt with a flat washer and a lock washer. We'll loosely install through the plate and into the crossbar. We'll do that on both sides. All right, now, we're going to install a guide that goes between the cross bars. You noticed there's a mark on the guide that says forward to the truck. We'll go ahead and install that using two half inch bolts that come with the kit. They'll inaudible 00:05:45 where the hitch will eventually install. Once the other guide 00:05:57 securely in place, we'll use a hole in the center to drill a quarter inch hole in the bed. Then, we'll get on top of the bed and drilling downward, we'll use a 4-inch hole saw. Once the cut has been made, we'll go ahead and take the guide out of our way. It will be no longer needed. Now, with an extra set of hands, we'll go ahead and install the hitch. We'll hold up and install eight hex bolts, lock washers, and flat washers. Now, before tying them down for good, it's a good idea to make sure that the hitch is centered in the hole in the bed. I've been using a clamp hold a hitch to make sure that it keeps it from moving around as we tighten them down. We'll get it loosely installed all the way around and then we'll go ahead and tighten them for good. Then torque 00:07:16 these bolts down as specified in the instructions. Once we have one or two bolts tightened down, we can go ahead and remove the clamp. Next, we're inaudible 00:08:00 outside edge of the bars and tighten down the hardware. Then, we'll go and torque these bolts down as well. Lastly, we'll go ahead and tighten down the bolts and torque the bolts down from the plates that go to the frame. With that, our hitch is installed. Now, we need to install the safety chain U-bolts. Now, when we drill these holes out, you want to make sure that our holes will line up with the bottom of the trough on top side of the bed. In this case, we will use the outside edges of the oval center 00:08:44 built-in to the hitch. From underneath the truck, we'll go ahead and use a half inch drill bit to mark our holes. Then, we'll use a 1/8 drill bit drill off from the bottom, that will give us a guide. Once we have our pilot holes drilled, we'll go ahead and drill it out to the half-inch hole size. We'll test fit our U-bolts and remount the hole as needed until they slide into place. Then we'll go back underneath the truck and install springs. First, will be a flat washer, spring, another flat washer, and then a lock nut. We'll loosely install all the hardware and then, we'll go ahead and tighten it down. Now, we're only tightening down the nuts for only two or three threads are showing past it. That way, we have plenty of travel for the U-bolt. Now, we'll go ahead and install a handle for our hitch. First off, we'll install the locking pins into the side of the hitch. Now, the locking pins can be installed at either side of the hitch. In this case, we'll be installing it on the driver side. We'll take our lock or two pins and put it into place. Now, one of the pins will have a hole going through the top of it, it will make sure inaudible 00:10:25 points toward the top of the hitch. We'll push it into the cylinder and just leave it alone for now. Next, we'll install our handle. We'll install two washers on the end of a rod and then a spring. Then, we'll push the rod into the two locking pins, inaudible 00:10:45 a drilled hole to line up. We'll install the small piece of hardware to connect the two. Then, we'll go ahead and snug down the nut and bolt. All that remains is we'll go ahead and reinstall the fender liners next. Now, on the side of the handle, we're going to make a small cut out for it. We'll make a small cut first and see how much room we need for our handle and we'll add more as needed till we have a clearance. We'll get a couple of test tries and looks like it works. We'll go ahead and continue on by reinstalling the exhaust. Then, we can go ahead and reinstall our tires and our spare tire. Okay, with that, that will finish it for our install of part number C607-604 from Curt on our 2013 GMC Sierra. .

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