Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2018 Ram 3500

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How to Install the Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness on a 2018 Ram 3500

Speaker 1: Today on this 2018 Ram 3500 we're going to be having a look at and showing you how to install the Curt 5th Wheel or Goose Neck custom wiring harness with a seven pole connector, part number C56000. Here's what our set in the way wiring harness looks like installed. The reason you're going to want this is because this saves you time and effort when hooking up to your goose neck or fifth wheel trailer. You don't have to worry about draping a cable over your tailgate anymore when you're towing your trailer. This allows you to easily plug it in. We have a nice spring loaded door right here which will secure our wiring into place.

When it's not in use it seals up nicely and the rubber gasket inside will keep the elements out.What many of our customers like about this seven-way is that it's a very easy install. It's a direct plug-and-play inline with your factory wiring harness. There's no cutting or splicing of your factory wiring harness in order to get this to work. What I really like about this kit is that they actually package enough zip ties with it in order for you to bundle up your wiring nice and securely. You don't have to worry about running out.

Some other manufacturers out there, they only give you two or three zip ties, and that's just not enough sometimes.Now that we've gone over some features, we'll show you how to get it installed. To begin our install we need to locate a suitable place to mount our seven-way connector. Typically we'll install this towards the rear of our bed on the driver's side, right in this area. We'll now take the appropriate size hole saw as indicated in the instructions and make our hole. Now, to help prevent any rust from occurring we'll take some clear coat and go along the edges of where we made our hole.

This will protect the pain. Now from underneath we'll take our wire that has a single connector on it, we'll reach up and we'll stick it through the hole that we made. Now we'll take our connector, we'll pull it out a little bit, take some Dielectric grease, which we have on our website and put it inside the connector. This will help prevent any corrosion from occurring, causing a poor electrical connection.Now we'll take our seven-way connector, line up the tabs, we'll insert it, and we'll push firmly until it locks into place. Now we'll take our seven-way connector, place it inside and we'll secure it into place with our self-tapping screws.

We went ahead and routed our wire over our frame on our driver's side. We left enough slack in it to go to our factory seven-way. Our factory seven-way, we're going to unplug by pressing on this tab here and then pulling back. Now we'll take some of our Dielectric grease and we'll put it inside the factory seven-way wire. We'll now take the male end of our connector and we'll tee into that, pressing firmly till it locks in place, take our Dielectric grease again, put it inside our wiring harness here, and we'll plug this in back into our factory seven-way on the bumper. We'll pull back and make sure it's secure.We went ahead and secured up all of our excess wiring with the provided zip ties, just followed our factory wiring harness here, doubling it up. This will give us a nice, clean look and keep it out of the way of our spare tire.We've gone ahead and hooked up our truck to a tester to make sure everything works. You can also hook it up to your trailer and test it that way. Start by turning on our headlights. Our taillight and running light functions working. Do a left turn signal, that's working; our right turn signal, that's working. We'll step on the brakes. Our brake lights are working. We'll activate the brake control on our truck to make sure the electric trailer brake output works. That works, and we'll double check to make sure our reverse lights will also work. Those are working as well.That completes our look at and installation of the Curt 5th Wheel/Goose Neck custom wiring harness with a seven pole connector, part number C56000 on this 2018 Ram 3500.

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