Curt Echo Mobile Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2012 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the Curt Echo Mobile Trailer Brake Controller on a 2012 Toyota 4Runner

Today on our 2012 Toyota 4Runner, we're gonna be taking a look at the Curt Echo. This is a proportional wireless trailer brake controller. Part number is C51180.Now the Echo is a proportional brake controller, and proportional brake controllers are much safer than the old-time delayed systems. Essentially, this applies the brakes, just like what we're doing in our car. So if we slam on the brakes in an emergency, we get that kind of effect on our trailer. If it's just slowing down in traffic, well that's the effect we're gonna have.Now just to indicate to you kinda how it works, we're gonna use the manual override since we're not heading down the road.

But you'll see, we'll get that tire going. As soon as we hit that manual override button, it stops immediately. So depending on how much braking force we have, and how much of a load we have, it's gonna determine how quickly we get that to stop.Now the Curt Echo is a very unique brake controller. Basically it requires no modification of your trailer or of your vehicle. The only requirements it has is a 12-volt power source and a working 7-pole, and then a 7-pole plug on your trailer side.

And of course it should have brakes.Now this installs directly inline. So that means we'll take our trailer plug, we're gonna plug that into the Echo. And see that tab right there Once it's plugged in, the door comes down behind it. Keeps that nice and secure. We have the same feature on our vehicle.

This is gonna plug right in. And you can see it's designed just like a 7-pole connector.Now on your 4Runner, if you have the towing package it's gonna be located up here. It's underneath the rear driver's corner. You've got a 7-pole here on the top. That's the one we're gonna be using.

We're gonna slide the Echo in. We wanna make sure it goes in far enough so that same door latch that we have here holds it in there. It fits really well inside our 7-pole. Our trailer's able to connect to it. And actually by bringing that down a little bit, it makes it a little bit more accessible. When we're plugging in our trailer we can actually see it rather than having to look up and underneath.But you will notice, by design it's angled downward here out of the plug. That's just the way Toyota made the plug. So that does get it down close to the ground. We're looking at about 12 inches of ground clearance in this particular setup, which is on a limited.Now the Echo Smart Control app is available in the Play Store or Apple Store. It's gonna give you an icon on your screen that says "Echo Smart Control." At that point we'll just open that up, give it just a second to load, then we can see the different profiles that are available. We can program up to five. That can be for different users or different trailers. And each one of them will have its own setting. Then you just wanna decide which one you wanna activate. And these are nameable as well, so you can switch it, name per trailer, so when you plug that in, it'll come up. You select the trailer you're using, head right on down the road.Now the brake controller is gonna be operated through your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth connectivity, and it's going to allow you all of the functions that we have out of the standard brake controller. We've got our power gain output here. That's gonna be the amount of braking power going to the brakes. Then we're gonna have our sensitivity. That's adjustable up and down, one through nine. And that changes how quickly and how aggressively those brakes get applied. You can also switch between the light and dark theme, just depending on how you wanna set that up. And the big orange button in the middle, that's our manual override. So in a sway situation, any issues we have, simply hold that button down. That's gonna apply the brakes on our trailer to get that all under control.Now this trailer break controller's gonna work for one or two axles, so two- or four-brake assemblies total. We're also gonna have our Quick Setup guide, and it also gives us troubleshooting. It's something we don't often get out of some of the brake controllers out there. Has an LED light right on the brake controller itself, and depending on what light you're getting, that's gonna indicate what status the brake controller's in, or what issue you're having.Now a few tips to make this a very easy product for you to use would be to mount your cellphone somewhere where you can it, so up on your dashboard. We have several new Scosche mounts available. Could use one of those. And we also recommend that you have your phone plugged into a power source so it's charging. We don't want our phone to go dead and wind up with no brake controller.And that'll complete our look at the Curt Echo on our 2012 Toyota 4Runner.

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