Curt Echo Mobile Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2004 Toyota Tundra

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How to Install the Curt Echo Mobile Trailer Brake Controller on a 2004 Toyota Tundra

Today on our 2004 Toyota Tundra we're going to be taking a look at the Curt Echo. This is a proportional brake controller designed to work with one or two axles. Now, the Echo's going to come in really handy for a lot of different situations. Maybe you're not very mechanically inclined and you don't want to go through the install process of a traditional brake controller. This simply plugs in between our truck and our trailer, gives us everything we need, works like a traditional brake controller would, using our smart phone. There are other reasons that we'll turn to this, too.

Maybe we don't want to modify vehicle wiring, maybe it's a lease car, maybe we have several different trucks that we two with and we don't want to have a dedicated brake controller for each one. So this fills in a lot of those gaps and allows us have a proportional brake controller, which is much safer than a time delay controller, that we don't have to modify the vehicle to use.Now the benefit of a proportional controller versus a time delay controller means that this is going to brake in proportion to how the truck's braking, so in an emergency situation we're going to get a lot more braking power sent back to the trailer. In just stop and go traffic, we're going to have a lot less power going to the trailer. It makes it much safer. With older, time delayed systems the brake controller was going to output the same amount of braking force regardless of how you we're trying to stop.

So, in an emergency it'd brake the same as in just stop and go traffic.And as far as installing the Echo's concerned, it's just a plug in simple thing. We're going to take the actual controller that needs to be plugged into our seven-way, and as we plug that in we want to ensure it goes in far enough so that the little tab on our door goes behind the catch. Once that's in place, it's just a matter of getting our trailer plugged in right to the back of it. You can see our LED light here, that's going to indicate to us the status of our brake controller, solid green means it's ready for use, any other input that we get just indicates what problem is going on.Now, to use your brake controller, you're going to want to go to your Apple or Play store and download the Echo Smart Control App, it's going to be from Curt. Of course, it's going to tell you don't drive while distracted, then you'll go into your profile modes.

This is going to give us five different profiles that we can preset for either different trucks, different trailers, different weather conditions, different load conditions, and each one of them can be named uniquely so you'll know black trailer, heavy, black trailer, light, red trailer, heavy, red trailer, light, so you can kind of already have them there so you won't have to mess with dealing with it or inputting it. If you do have to change it, this is going to work very simply. We just select the profile we want to use, this is our brake controller menu. See here we have our gain adjustment, the lower that setting, the less braking force is going to go to our trailer. As our loads get heavier or our need for braking increases, we're just going to increase that up, it's going to go in five digit increments and that's going to allow you to get that adjusted properly for the load you have in your trailer.Then we can move on to the sensitivity.

Now, the sensitivity can change the quickness and aggressiveness in which those brakes come on so that allows you to kind of fine tune the feel that you're looking for. Also, depending on whether you're driving in the day or at night time, we can change that screen to better suit us. The large orange button here in the middle, this is going to be our manual override button. Very easy to get to, we're going to hit that button, that's going to apply the brakes. Now, that manual override comes in handy in two instances; one, if we have a sway event with our trailer we can apply just the brakes on the trailer, get that back under control, but also we can use this to set the brakes on our trailer while we're moving slowly in a parking lot. We can hit that button and make sure we're getting the feel that we want from our trailer.Now, most Tundras are going to be equipped with a seven poll on the back. If yours happens to not be, you're going to look underneath the rear here and there's going to be two plugs. There's going to be one plug that has four wires to it, that stays consistent, the other plug will have either two wires or three wires and depending on that, that will depend on the wiring kit that you want to choose.Now, to ensure that you have a good user experience with the brake controller, there's a few tips we'd like to share. One, we like to see this mounted up on the dashboard, that way it's easy to get to, you're not going to have to look down, dig down, find it in case you need to get to it. We have several Scosche mounts available, mount it right up on your dash, it'll hold your cell phone very well. The other thing is, you want to have your screen lit up most of the time so you can get to that manual override if you need to. That being said, it's a good idea to have a power supply in there.That's going to complete our look at the Curt Echo on our 2004 Toyota Tundra.

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