Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 - Curt

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How to Install the Gooseneck Trailer Hitch on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 - Curt

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, we're gonna be taking a look at, and showing you how to install, the Curt double-lock, flip and store, underbed gooseneck hitch. Part number C607-604.Here's what your hitch looks like when it's installed. What's gonna set this apart from other hitches, is it has a dual-locking pin. Another thing that's gonna set it apart, is this rod, the handle for your locking pin, can be put on the passenger's side or the driver's side. This hitch is gonna have a nice powder-coat finish, to resist corrosion and rust.Another great feature about this hitch, is you can have full bed access, whenever you're not using your hitch ball. You can see the grooves in the side here, there's a pin down inside.

When you drop this down, it's gonna rest below the line. It's also gonna come with a cap, so it sits flat. It also has a little pull handle. When you're ready to use it, simply flip it over, slide into place, lock your handle.Now to use our handle, you're simply just gonna pull out, twist. When you're ready to lock your ball into place, pull out, twist back, and let go.This hitch is gonna have a 30,000 pound max tow capacity.

Your ball size is gonna be 2-5/16. You're also gonna have spring loaded safety-chain hooks.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get this installed.To begin our installation, we went on ahead and removed our spare tire, now we're gonna remove the heat shield. We'll be using a 1/2" socket, we're gonna be removing two bolts.Next thing we're gonna do, is we're gonna lower our exhaust, give us a little bit more room. We'll take some lubricant, and we're gonna sprayer down our hangers. We're gonna have three of 'em that we're gonna remove.

This one, and you're gonna have two up toward the front. No we'll just take a pry bar, and we'll start prying one end off.Next, what we need to do, is we need to cut out this section, of this heat shield. Stay on the inside of this support beam here. And you're gonna have another support beam up here, you wanna stay on the back side of that. So we're gonna be cutting out the center section.

I'm just gonna use some 10-snips, and go across like this.Now you're gonna find up at this end, it might be a little hard with 10-snips. So what I'm gonna use, I'm gonna use a Dremel tool, with a cutting wheel on it. Once you have that cut, you can remove it.Next, we're gonna move our fender linings. We'll be using a T15 star bit. You're gonna have several screws along the inside of the fender wall, that you have to remove.Once you have all your bolts removed, we're gonna start on one side. It might be easier to work the front here. You're gonna pull it out like this. And if you pull down on the corner, get the one side started, pulled out from underneath here, so you can just work your way around. And we'll just set that aside. And then you're gonna repeat that same process on the other side.Next thing we're gonna do, is on your underbed rails, the inside of these holes are threaded. We're gonna take a 1/2" tap, and we're gonna clean out those holes, from any paint or anything else that may be inside. Once you have your holes tapped, you're gonna wanna take some lubricant, spray in there, just to make sure you get the threads cleaned. And you're gonna do that with all the holes.So now we're gonna put our rails in, our underbed rails. You can see one of 'em has a notch cut out in it. What that's for, is that's to go over the gas tank. What we wanna do, is we're gonna slide it in on top of our frame. Once we get it in, we're gonna turn it up like this. You wanna make sure that the holes are on the bottom. And then we're gonna do the same thing with this one, which is gonna be the one toward the back of the vehicle.Now what you wanna do, is this support beam that's going across the center of the bed, you wanna make sure that you're staying in front of it toward the cab, across the frame.Now we'll put the rails up. Pair of channel locks may help.Next, here on driver's side, we're gonna take our frame bracket. You wanna make sure this long end is facing toward the back of the vehicle. What we're gonna do, is we're gonna take the crossbars that we put in, push it all the way up against this support beam. And when you set this bracket in place, it should line up with this hole, and this hole, on the frame. Now we're gonna take your hex bolt, a split lock washer, and a flat washer, and we're gonna thread it into the crossbars that we put in. And we're gonna take our front one, slide it up against the other side of our bracket. And we do the same combination, thread them together. And you're gonna do that same thing on the other side of the vehicle.That's what we need to do, is we need to get our holes to line up, with our side bracket. You can see it's a little bit off. Now you can see here, what I did, is I just took a C-clamp, to clamp them together, 'cause I want these two side by side, to make sure that my holes line up. Now what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna take a pull wire, I'm gonna go through this front hole here, and come out of this hole. I'm gonna take a spacer block, I'm gonna feed it into the hole like this.We'll take our 5/8 bolt, and we only wanna thread this on about halfway onto that string. And we're gonna have to push this bolt in backwards. So we're gonna put the head in first, push it in. Pull our wire through like this. And then we want to thread off the wire. If you pull it, if you just pull it off, you're not gonna be able to use it again. You wanna thread it off, 'cause we have three other bolts we have to do.And we'll take a flange nut, put it in place, like that. And we're just gonna hand tighten it right now.Next we're gonna have to take our pull wire, we're gonna go through that hole, and it's gonna come out a hole on the inside of the frame. So to make that a little easier, I just took some airline tube, and I'll take my pull wire underneath the truck with me. Next I'm gonna take the pull wire, I'm just gonna push it into the tube. You wanna make sure when you pull your airline tube out, that you leave your spring in, showing on this side.Next take the spacer block, and put it on spring first, drop it into the hole. And again, we'll take our 5/8 bolt, thread it on about halfway. And this one, you can just drop in the hole, like that. Next we'll take our pull wire, pull our wire through like this.Now I've gone ahead and removed the pull wire. Next, we're gonna put our flange nut on. Then your gonna repeat that process on the other side of the vehicle.Next I'm gonna take 15/16 socket, I'ma tighten these two brackets that are on my frame, first. And repeat that on the other side. Then I'ma take a 3/4", I'ma tighten these two bolts, on both sides of the vehicle.Next thing we're gonna do, is we're gonna put our 10 plate in place. There's gonna be an F with an arrow, that means front of vehicle. Next we'll take a small drill bit, and we're gonna drill a pilot hole. Once you've drilled your pilot hole, we'll remove our 10 plate.Next we'll take a 4" hole saw, and we're gonna make this hole bigger.With this being exposed metal, you wanna take some paint. You can use clear coat. This being a black bed, I'm just gonna use black spray paint. And I'ma cover that, to help prevent any other rusting.With your gooseneck hitch, you can see one side has more plate on it than the other. You wanna make sure that this small side is toward the back of the truck.So what we're gonna do, is we're gonna go up, over top of our exhaust, first. Get a couple bolts in, to hold it into place. For hardware, we're gonna take our 1/2" bolt, split lock washer, and flat washer. I'm gonna put 'em in all the remaining holes. Next we'll take a 3/4" socket, and tighten all of our hardware. Go ahead and tighten everything down.Once you have all your hardware tightened down, we're gonna torque it down to specification in the instructions. So we're gonna start in this middle section here, underneath the truck.Next, we're gonna torque down our plates, on the side of our frame.Next, we're gonna torque down our bolts, going into our crossbeams. We're gonna do that on both sides of the vehicle.Next thing we're gonna do, is our two holes that are in the center, both sides, you need to drill a hole in each one of these, for our safety-chain. Now our hole's gonna be 1/2", I'm going to drill a pilot hole first. Try and get it as centered in this hole as you can.Again, we're gonna take a little bit of paint, just spray the inside of the holes here. Take our safety-chain rings, or loops, and drop 'em down through the holes.Next we'll take our springs, that are included in our kit, we're gonna put a washer on first, and we'll put the spring on, follow it with another washer. And lock the nut. You're gonna do that same thing with the other one.Next thing we wanna do, is we wanna tighten these nuts to where they're flush with the bottom of the U-bolt. So we'll take a 3/4" socket.Next thing we're gonna do, is we're gonna slide in our handle. We wanna go through the holes. If you look from the side of the truck . and you can do this on passenger or driver side . if you look through the side, in this groove in the bracket, you'll see little holes. You wanna make sure that rod goes through those holes.Next thing I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna take this large spring, two washers, and my pin, my lock pin. First I'ma put on one washer, then I'ma put on my spring, like this. I'm gonna take my locking pin, there's a large hole at the top, that's where our locking rod is gonna go into.And what you wanna do, is you wanna line up this hole right here, and the rod, with that hole in the pins. Once you have that lined up, you're gonna take your small bolt and nut, that comes with it, feed 'em through like that, and install your nut.Next we'll take a 7 mm socket, and a 8 mm wrench. The 8 mm's gonna be the nut side, 7 mm is gonna be the bolt side. And we'll tighten up our nut and bolt.Now when we install our exhaust, we're gonna start with our most forward hangers first. Again, it'll probably make it a little bit easier if you're spraying down with some lubricant. Next we can put on our back one. inaudible 00:14:51 install our heat shield.Next thing we'll do, is we're gonna put our fender wells back in place.Next thing I'ma have to do, is we're gonna trim around this, for this handle to slide all the way out. So I'm just gonna use a razor knife.Finally, to finish up our install, we'll install the spare tire. We're not going into to it this time, for video purposes.And that'll do it for the Curt double-lock, flip and store, underbed gooseneck hitch, part number C607-604, on 2015 Chevrolet Silverado HD.

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