Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, we're going to review an install. The Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller, part number C51120. We'll install this in conjunction with, the Curt Direct Fit Wiring Harness for brake controllers, part number C51451. Here's what our brake controller's going to look like once it's installed. Located on the driver's side of the brake controller, behind the attachment point is our sync switch. The sync switch sets the time delay. The maximum power is sent to the trailer braking.

As we decide to switch back or forward, it will increase or decrease the amount of power sent over a period of time. Here, on the top of the brake controller, is our thumb wheel that allows us to increase or decrease the gain, and the maximum power being sent to our trailer braking. Here's our manual braking or slide controller. As we slide our thumb controller over, it increases the power sent to our trailer braking without pressing on the vehicles brake pedal. We plug in our trailer braking, and use the manual slide. We can see the maximum power that's being sent back to the trailer braking.

We can adjust it down to as low as we need to go, or as high as we need to go, depending on our trailer size or load. Next, let's go ahead and show you how to install your brake controller. Now to begin our install, we need to locate the manufacturers brake controller port. The port itself is underneath the black cover here, on the driver's side between the parking brake and brake pedal. The cover itself has a total of three locks on it, we'll just pull back on those plastic fasteners and release the cover.

Now with the cover off, we'll go ahead and take our direct fit wiring harness, and plug it directly into the manufacturer's brake controller port. Now once we have the pigtail plugged in on the manufacturer's side, we'll go ahead and put our cover back in place. Just come right out the top of the cover that's open. Then, I can take the other end of our wiring harness, and route it over towards where we're going to mount our brake controller. Once we get it routed, we'll just go ahead and leave it there, so we can get our brake controller bracket mounted. Now using thing the hardware provided with our install kit, we can secure out brake control bracket here to the bottom of the dash. Just like that, we've got a good solid mount for our brake controller.

Now we can bring in the brake controller, the pigtail coming out of the back of the brake controller, and our wiring harness and plug the two together. Then, we'll mount the brake controller to the bracket, using the hardware provided. Go ahead and get both fasteners started, and once we have them started we can go ahead and run them down. Now with our brake controller mounted, we'll need to take zip-tie and secure our excess wiring here up underneath the dash. Keep in mind, when routing and securing your wiring so it may move a component such as: the gas, brake, or even the steering shaft to prevent damaging the wiring. Once I have the wiring secured, I'll go ahead and cut off the excess from the zip-ties to clean up the install look. Now that our brake controller is installed, we're ready to hit the road. That will do it for the review and install of the Curt Discovery Trailer Brake Controller, part number C51120. In conjunction with, the Direct Fit Wiring Harness part number C51451 on our 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe. .

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