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Curt Roof Basket Review - 2018 Subaru Forester

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Review of the Curt Roof Basket on a 2018 Subaru Forester

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Subaru Forester we'll be installing Curt's roof mounted cargo basket, part number C18115. This is a nice simple cargo carrier. It's great because it doesn't interfere with any of the operations that come factory on your vehicle. It's the economy option, it's got plenty of tie-down points and what I like best about it, is that you have that option to extend it. So if you're going on those longer trips, your family gets bigger, this thing is going to keep growing with you.This cargo basket is going to increase your vehicle's carrying capacity to be able to put more gear on top of your roof or you can take gear that was inside your vehicle and put it on the roof and now you've got more room for passengers inside the vehicle.It measures 41 1/2 inches long, 37 inches wide and 4 inches deep, and features 150 pound carrying capacity. Now you do want to check your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure you're not exceeding the carrying capacity of your factory roof rails.Now, if you need more carrying capacity you can get an extension that will add 21 inches of length, bringing it to to a total of 62 1/2 inches.

You can get this extension using part number C18117 or if you had purchased the the longer kit, it was already included.As you can see here, there's plenty of clearance between our hatch when it's fully open and as well, our antenna so we don't have to worry about any clearance issues at the rear of our vehicle. And as you can see here, it's not going to interfere with the operation of the factory sunroof.To help reduce wind noise, there's a fairing, located in the front and this will help direct the air up, over top of your cargo. The cross rails on the bottom and sides provide plenty of tie-down points. And if you have smaller cargo that you're worried about, you can get a cargo net such as the one from Curt using part number C18200.This cargo basket is lightweight and easy to set on top of your roof. Once you've got it set up there, you want to make sure you set your distance between your crossbars so that it's as far to each edge as possible and they line up between two of the cross rails on the cargo basket.We've already got three of our clamps installed.

Now we'll show you how to do the third now. You'll begin by taking the plastic spacer, placing it between your roof rail and your cargo basket. Make sure it snaps into place, in between the two cross rails. Then take the metal clamp and put it on top of the cargo basket, over your plastic spacer.Then take the u-bolt, go underneath your crossbar, slide it up between the outer slits of the spacer up into the holes in the metal clamp. Now thread the plastic nuts on each side of the u-bolt.

Once you've got them run down, make sure that you get them nice and tight so your cargo basket doesn't slide around on your rails and keeps all of your cargo secure. And you repeat that same process for all of your remaining clamps.Now that we've got it installed get ready to load it up and hit he road. And that completes our installation of Curt's roof mounted cargo basket, on our 2018 Subaru Forester.

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