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Curt Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Adapter Installation - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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Installation o the Curt Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Adapter on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Hey everybody, how's it going Today we're gonna be showing you how to install the Curt custom wiring adapter for trailer brake controllers here on our 2015 Toyota 4runner. So the first step of our installation, we need to find the factory brake controller port on our vehicle. Now this is gonna be located underneath the dash here and sorta to the left of the emergency brake pedal. So let's go ahead and give you a closer view of that now. So we're underneath the dash here. Here is the arm for our emergency brake pedal and directly to the left of that, we should see a large wiring harness here.

So attached to this wiring harness. We should have our brake controller port, which is gonna be this rectangular white connector that we can see here. So if yours isn't quite visible, it may be taped up within the harness here. There is a separate lead that comes off this, but it is again tapes to the main harness here. So once we find that connector, we can still use it, how it is now.

And I wanna give you guys a little bit more room to work so we can actually see what's going on. Therefore, I'm gonna take a razor knife here and I'm gonna cut the electrical tape that's holding the brake controller harness to the main harness here. Now you wanna be careful while you're doing this because you wanna make sure you don't pierce any of the wires. So I've got most of the tape cut there. So I'm going to go ahead and just pull the harness down.

You can see here, we have a much clearer view. There is that white rectangular connector for the brake controller. And then we have about six inches of wiring going into that main harness there. So once we found the factory brake controller port, we need to take the vehicle specific Curt adapter harness here. So this end here, this is this white rectangular connector that matches the one we just found.

This is gonna plug into the port on the vehicle. And this plug over here, this black rectangular connector, this is gonna plug into any Curt brake controller. So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna take this white connector here. We're gonna go ahead and reach back under the dash and plug it into the factory brake controller port. So here we go. It should really only go in one way and we should hear it click into place when it's locked. So now, we can take our other end here and plug it into the back of the brake controller. Once we've mounted the brake controller and then zip tie all of your loose wire. So now that we have the brake controller adapter harness squared away, we're ready to plug in our brake controller. Again, we'll hear it lock into place. Now we'll get up under the dash there. I'll kinda show you a little bit better view. Over out talking about mounting this. So now that we can have our controllers securely mounted, the only thing left to do here is to secure our extra wiring. We can take some of the extra zip ties that come in your kit here and secure it to some brackets or some wires under the dash. Or we could actually just tuck it in behind this panel here. And that's gonna do it today for our look and installation of the Curt custom wiring adapter for trailer brake controllers here on our 2015 Toyota 4runner..

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