Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness Installation - 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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How to Install a Curt 5th Wheel Wiring Harness on a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Speaker 1: Today on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 we're gonna be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Curt 5th wheel and gooseneck custom wiring harness with 7-pole connector. Part number C56000.So here's what our wiring looks like once it's installed. Now it's gonna provide us a seven way connector inside of our bed. Making connecting to our 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer that much easier. It's gonna have a nice spring loaded door. So we're not gonna have to worry about losing the cap or anything like that.

And one the inside of the door we're gonna have a nice rubber seal. That's gonna keep all that moisture, dirt, and debris from getting inside our connector itself.You're really gonna appreciate the super simple installation. And the fact that once you're done it's gonna look like it was an OEM fit. Just 'cause of how clean it's gonna be when you're done. We're simply gonna find our factory seven way here at the back of our bumper.

And it's gonna have a T-connector that's gonna plugin in between. So we're not gonna have to worry about splicing any wires, cutting anything, or even running any power to the battery.Now it does provide us with ten foot length of wire to go from the back of our seven way, all the way up to wherever you decide to mount it in your truck bed. So it can be plenty of room. Now that we've gone over some of the features and seen what it looks like after we have it installed. Let's show you how to get it in.To begin our installation you're gonna wanna come to your back bumper.

We're gonna come just to the inside, right about where the spare tire is. And we're gonna find our seven way connector at the back of it. Now we're gonna have a little locking tab right here. So if you can, you take a little screwdriver. And you're gonna push in on that center section of that locking tab.

And you're gonna wanna pull it out. You can kind of push up on it. If you need to you kind of, take that screwdriver and get underneath. And you're gonna remove that white clip and pull it all the way out. We're gonna hold on to this 'cause we will be reinstalling it.Then we're gonna come back to the seven way, and there's gonna be a little black tab. We're gonna push in on that. Kind of give it a wiggle. And we're gonna pull the connector out. Now we're gonna grab our harness, and you're gonna notice that two of the ends are gonna be very similar. And the other end is gonna match the one that's on the back of the plug. And now before we connect these, take a little bit of dielectric grease. Gonna put it inside my connector. That's gonna help keep out some moisture and hopefully prevent any kind of corrosion build up.Now if you need some dielectric grease, you can pick some up on our website using part number 11755. So we're gonna take the male end of our harness, and we're gonna plug it in to the female end. You're just gonna line up the tabs. And push it in until it locks in place. And you'll hear it click. Then we can take a little bit more dielectric grease, put it on the female end of our T-connector. And we're gonna plug it back in to where it plugs in at the bumper. Again, you just wanna line up the tabs, and push it in until it locks into place. And once you get it locked in, you're gonna take your locking tab, and push it back into place. And double check that the connector's good. Now we can move up to the bed.Now we're gonna need to find a suitable location to mount our seven way connector. And we're gonna be putting ours in this general vicinity right here. So that way when we do hook up to our 5th wheel or gooseneck, it'll be nice and accessible right here at the back. So I'm gonna take a center punch. And I'm gonna mark a spot in the bed. And we'll come back with a drill bit. And I'm gonna drill a pilot hole so that we can get everything in place. I'm gonna come back with a two and one eighth hole saw. And I'm gonna drill a hole so that we can get our connector in place. I'm just gonna remind you to be extremely careful, 'cause you don't wanna scratch up the rest of your bed.Since it's never a good idea to leave exposed metal on your vehicle. I'm gonna come back with a little bit of spray paint. And I'm gonna spray the inside of that hole I just drilled. Hopefully preventing any kind of rust or corrosion buildup. Now in order for us to get that wiring connector up to this top section of our bed here. Take a piece of airline tube that I had laying around. And you can use pretty much whatever you have. As long as when you start guiding it down, it's gonna hold its shape. I'm gonna guide this down so we can meet up with that connector down below.So my airline tube is just gonna come out the bottom here. I'm gonna grab the other end of my harness. I'm actually just gonna take a little bit of electrical tape so it can hold onto it. While I start pulling up to my bed. We gonna just start pulling our airline tube up until our connector is reachable. I just wanna mention you wanna be careful, 'cause where we just drilled the edges may still be very sharp. We're gonna get the end of the connector to come through the hole. And then we can remove the tape, and pull our airline tube off. Just wanna make sure that it doesn't drop back down. So pull out as much as you need, and lay it in the bed for now.So we can go ahead an grab the other end of our connector here. And before we plug it in again, I'm just put a little bit of dielectric grease inside. And we can line up the connectors. I'm gonna press them together until it locks into place. Now what we can do, is we're gonna feel all that back through. And you're gonna wanna make sure this is nice and straight. And the way we're gonna mount this, is they provide us with some self tapping screws in our kit. So you're gonna wanna grab a quarter inch nut driver. And again making sure it's nice and straight. And we can get one of the screws started.We still got a little bit of wiggle room, as long as we don't make them too tight. Just so we can make sure it's nice and straight. And we'll get the other three self tapping screws in place. Now would be a good time to go ahead and clean up your wires. They do provide us with some zip ties. So I'm just gonna bundle all my wires together, zip tie them together. And then I'm gonna tuck them up underneath the bumper here, and tie it to some existing wiring.So the final thing we need to do is go ahead and test our wiring, to make sure that everything is working properly. So I got my tester hooked up. We're gonna go ahead and grab an extra set of hands so I can verify that all my lights and brakes are working properly. Alright, can I have my headlights, please Looks good. Left turn signal. Good. Right turn signal. Good. And the brakes. And brakes and both turn signals, please. And if you could hit the manual override on the brake controller. Good. Looks like all of our functions are working properly. So we're ready to hit the road.That'll finish up your look at the Curt 5th wheel and gooseneck custom wiring harness with 7-pole connector. Part number C56000 on our 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

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