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Curt 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Wiring Harness Installation - 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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How to Install the Curt 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Wiring Harness on a 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Hey, everybody. Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2020 Ford F-250, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the CURT gooseneck and 5th wheel in-bed trailer wiring for trucks with aluminimum beds. So this is going to work out real well for those of you that pull those 5th wheel and gooseneck trailer hitches.And that's because having an in-bed plug, we could simply and conveniently plug right into here, as opposed to having to drape your wiring over your tailgate and plug it in down by the bumper. Whenever you do that, that wiring kind of bangs up into your tailgate and scratches it up. And not to mention whenever it's plugged in down there by the bumper, I would say the chances of it accidentally coming disconnected greatly increase as opposed to having it just plugged in right here.

It's not going to have anything to get hung up on or anything like that. With that being said, what's super nice is the fact that not only do you have your plug in here, but say if you are pulling a regular trailer, you still are able to utilize your factory plug down at the bumper. So you're going to have two options for whatever you're pulling and be able to use whichever one works out best for you.So this kit is made for trucks with aluminum beds. And with that aluminum becoming more and more popular, what a lot of people have been running into with traditional style plugs is that these stainless screws, every screw links to aluminum, over time that they can corrode and cause a bunch of nasty stuff going on. So you definitely want to avoid that.

And this kit comes included with more or less like rubber spacers that have inserts inside of them. So whenever you thread in your stainless screws, that's what they go into. And so it's going to give you a rubber barrier in between your screw and the bed, if that makes sense. So you're not going to have to worry about any of that corrosion going on.The plug is pretty nice campus. Flap is spring loaded.

So whenever you're not using it, it's going to seal up nice and tight. There's also a little rubber seal under there. That's going to do a good job of keeping out that moisture and debris and everything else. There's a little catch underneath the lid as well. That way, when you plug in your trailer wiring, that catch kind of rests on it, and it'll really do a good job of help it from being accidentally pulled out more or less.

So nice little connector there. It's low profile. So it's not going to take up a bunch of space in the bed of your truck. And so I don't really see you accidentally hitting it with anything, whenever you're loading and unloading the bed of your Ford.So at the end of the day, a great solution for those of you looking for an in-bed wiring kit, especially with an aluminum bed. But as far as the installation goes, it's really not too bad, you simply have to drill a hole for your plug to fit into and a few holes for your rubber spacers to go into. Then essentially just plugs right into your existing factory wiring. So it shouldn't take up a whole lot of your time. And it really shouldn't give you a whole lot of issues. Speaking of which, let's go ahead and put it on together now.So to begin our install, we're going to hop up here in the bed of our truck. And we need to find a spot where we mount up our 7-way plug. Now that's traditionally mounted on the driver's side, somewhere in this area. And that's exactly where I'm going to go with it. Before you do any drilling though, you want to make sure to look behind or underneath your truck behind this panel to make sure there's nothing in the way there. We're all free and clear. So I'm going to get my hole saw and drill out an opening.So now that our main hole is drilled, in our case, since our bed is indeed aluminum, we're going to be using these little inserts. So we need to drill some holes for those as well. So to figure out where we need to go with those, we take our plug, just kind of hold it in place, where you want it. I'm going try to get it nice and level. So it looks good. What I'm going to do is hold it in position. And then I'm just going to use a small drill bit to make some indentions here. That way, when we have these indentions made, we can pull our plug out and come back and drill those holes. So I can see, where I need to go.So go ahead and use the drill bit listed in the instructions. I'm going to open them all. Once you have the hole open, I'm just going to do this one at a time, you're going to take this little bushing here and simply just push it into place like so. So I repeat that same process for my three other holes. Now that we have all of those installed, and we're done drilling, I'm going to come in with my vacuum cleaner and just get our mess cleaned up.So even though our bed is aluminum, and we shouldn't have to worry about any rust or anything, I'm still going to come in with a paint pan and just put a layer over this bare metal that's exposed from us creating the hole. Now we can grab our wiring harness. And we're going to take the end here that has a T. So we're going to have two connectors. And we're just going to feed this through the hole to the bottom side of our truck. So a lot of times, you might have to go kind of one at a time. It is a little tight. So you might have to kind of play with it and see which one you need to put in first to get everything to drop down through. (silence)I'm just going to drop that wiring all the way down, until we have the very end of it here. And what we're going to do is grab some dielectric grease. This doesn't come included, but you can pick some up here at etrailer, and put it on the terminals. And that's just going to help prevent any corrosion or anything like that. Just smear it on there. I'm going to grab our plug and simply plug the two in together. From there, pretty straight forward, we can just push our plug in, line it up with all of our inserts. We're just going to take the included screws and secure it down. I kind of like to start one in one corner and another one in the opposing corner. And that kind of just helps draw it all together nice and even.So now underneath the truck, you can see, where our wiring drops down. And what we're going to need to do is run this over to the 7-way in our bumper. So I just simply ran it up and over our frame rail. You can see it comes right up over the frame rail right there and comes out right here. So this is going to get teed into our factory 7-way connector right there. So we'll disconnect that. We'll push down on that little center tab and pull it back towards you.I'm just going to let that hang for a minute. Then we'll grab our new CURT harness. And again, on these ends, too, I'm also going to apply some of that dielectric grease. Do that on both sides here. And the way it's going to work is our factory connector right here, it's going to plug into one end of the T-connector. The other end of the T-connector is simply just going to get plugged into our factory 7-way plug. Excuse me. So here is the little bit of extra wire. I just kind of bundled it up. And when I ran it over our frame, I just kind of filed some factory wiring and zip tied it up there in a couple of spots as well.It's a good idea to check everything to make sure that it's working properly. So I went ahead and plugged my tester into it. I'm going to try our left turn, our right turn, our running lights, our brake lights, our brake output. And if I start the truck up, we'll check our reverse lights. And now we can go ahead and check our auxiliary power. And as you can see, it moves our gauge. So we know that's working as well. And that'll finish up our look at and our installation of the CURT 5th wheel and gooseneck trailer wiring for trucks with aluminum beds on our 2020 Ford F-250.

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