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ClearPlus Winter Windshield Wiper Blade Installation - 2012 Toyota Highlander

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How to Install the ClearPlus Winter Windshield Wiper Blade on a 2012 Toyota Highlander

Hi, I'm Shane with Today we're going to be taking a look at showing you how to install the ClearPlus Winter Weather Windshield Wiper Blades on our 2012 Toyota Highlander. New windshield wiper blades are going to help ensure that your windshield clear during those icy, rainy and snowy conditions. Keep in mind this vehicle is going to have two different size windshield wipers so I encourage you, use our fit guide to make sure that you get the correct sizes for your vehicle.Each blade is going to be a steel construction covered by a rubber boot. This rubber boot reduces the amount of snow and ice buildup unlike some of the other blades out there. We're going to have seven points of articulation.

This is going to help distribute downward pressure evenly from one side of the blade to the other.What's going to separate this wiper blade apart from your all weather wiper blades is the squeegee is going to be much thicker, so it's going to be able to really remove that heavy ice and snow a lot better. Another nice thing about it, it's going to have a molybdenum coating that's going to reduce skipping and chattering.Now we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get them installed. To start our installation, we need to remove our old windshield wiper blade. It's a good idea to take a piece of cardboard and put it underneath a whichever blade you're changing because our arm is metal and while you're taking this off, if it happens a slip out of your hand, you don't want that metal arm to smack into your glass because it could cause it to break. So these are very simple.

We're going to push this little tab on the back and we're going to pull down. Get our new one installed. Slide it in until it clicks into place. I'm going to repeat that process for the other side. That's going to complete our look at and installation on the ClearPlus Winter Weather Wiper Blades..

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